Nov 10, 2009

Kyushu Environmental Cluster University 〜International Network Exchange Event〜

A human resource exchange with environmental companies that have expanded overseas will be held as follows.

【Kyushu Environmental Cluster University 〜International Network Exchange Event〜】

The development of economic activity centered on manufacturing has resulted in us now facing an unprecedented and serious environmental crisis. In Asia, where economic growth has been especially remarkable, various environmental problems are emerging, such as pollution (air, water, and soil) and massive CO2 emissions from high energy consumption.
Local companies in Kyushu have accumulated knowledge and technology that reduces pollution, cuts energy consumption, and improves recycling. However, the lack of human resources familiar with the cultures, business customs, and legal systems of countries that these companies will expand into is a big obstacle for the international development of environmental business. At the same time, many international students are coming to universities in Kyushu, and the number of students who want to be active on the international stage is increasing. Based on this, the “Kyushu Environmental Cluster University International Network Exchange Event” will be held to promote mutual understanding and form networks between students interested in environmental business and companies that are developing environmental business.

*This event will be held in Japanese, but a simple English interpretation will be provided through a headset device.

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