May 26, 2010

Stop Global Warming! Ongoing “Low-Carbon Society Public Lecture Series” Open to Everyone

Reducing the carbon emissions that cause global warming is an essential task for modern societies. To promote awareness and action among regular citizens, Oita City, in cooperation with APU, is holding the first “Public Lecture Series for Achieving a Low-Carbon Society.” Participants will consider various approaches and techniques to help make the concept of a “low-carbon society” a reality.

This lecture series is being held by Oita City, with APU, the Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC), and APU-Integrated Man-Biosphere Center (APU-IMAB Center) as co-hosts.

The first lecture, held on May 20th with about 40 participants, attracted citizens who are interested in environmental problems, want to take action, or are working in environmental, new energy, or solar-cell battery industries.

Professor Yukihiko Nakata, Director of the AP-IMAC Center, gave the following comment on the lectures: “In order to achieve a low-carbon society, there needs to be both a top-down approach from the government and a bottom-up approach that takes root in everyday society. To accomplish this, a wide-range of APU’s professors from APS, APM, AP-IMAC, and APU-IMAB Center are collaborating to hold these public lectures and approach this issue from a social, economic, and engineering perspective.”

The series will continue to be held once a week until July 29th, for a total of 11 lectures. Participation is free, and the lectures are held at the “Oita City Industry Activation Plaza.”

Notice for "Achieving a Low-Carbon Society: Lectures for Citizens"


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