May 27, 2010

President of Yamato Transport delivers "APU Top Seminar"

On Thursday, May 20, 2010, the President of Yamato Transport, Mr. KIGAWA Makoto delivered an APU "Top Seminar" entitled "Taking YAMATO into Asia – Yamato as Asia's No.1 logistics provider" at the RCAPS Conference Room.

President KIGAWA spoke of the philosophy and future business strategy of Yamato Transport – the largest transport and logistics company in Japan with a 90 year history in the business. "We consider transport to be part of the service industry and therefore value each and every one of our clients. Our job is to convey the feelings and thoughts of our clients through transporting their goods". Furthermore, in light of Yamato acquiring new businesses on a nearly annual basis and continued economic growth, President KIGAWA said, "It is tough to continue to grow in a mature economy and as a business we therefore need to continue to take on challenges and pour our efforts into new business opportunities".

At the conclusion of the lecture, a number of students offered President KIGAWA questions such as the difficulties in continuing to start up new business, to which Mr. KIGAWA replied, "there are difficulties in starting up a new business, but we continue to maintain that the customer always comes first and always manage to come up with ideas through consultations with our staff". Mr. KIGAWA spoke of the future outlook for Yamato Transport, "The service Yamato provides could well become the standard for Asia in the future and we hope that before long it will be the standard for the entire global industry".


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