Jun 14, 2010

FA 2010 Hirameki Tokimeki Science

”Hirameki ☆ Tokimeki Science〜Welcome to an University’s Research Laboratory〜” for high school students interested in Japan’s ‘monozukuri’(art of manufacturing) computers, LCD etc.
This program is meant to share research outcomes of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI: Grants awarded to promote creative・pioneering research to competitive projects organized by individual researchers or research groups at Japanese universities or research institutes) high school students, so that they may experience first hand the excitement of science, and nurture a knowledgeable and creative mind.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to experience up close, the research being conducted at universities and feel the wonders of science.

For more detail, Click Here.
For about Hirameki ☆ Tokimeki Science,Click Here.(Japanese only)


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