Aug 5, 2010

Industry-Academia-Government Research Exchange Group: 1st Meeting of “Development of Solar Cells for a Low-Carbon Society”

The first meeting of the “Development of Solar Cells and Products for a Low-Carbon Society” research group took place on July 30, 2010 (Friday). It was held as part of the FY2010 Industry-Academia-Government Research Exchange Group.

Members of this research exchange are involved with or interested in the development and commercialization of solar cells, with more than 10 organizations represented (including universities, companies, and government offices). The research group discusses the problems and issues their organizations face, and aims to advance research for the commercialization of solar cells.

The first meeting began with an overview of the management plan for the group, followed by an introduction of each organization’s area of expertise. Then the research group’s head faculty member, APM Professor Yukihiko Nakata, delivered a lecture called “The Current State of the Solar Cell Industry: World Trends and Policy Support from Government.” The meeting concluded with members sharing their opinions about the contents of Professor Nakata’s lecture.

Future meetings will consist of lectures given by professors from each university and discussion about the various issues each organization is facing. Based on a “give-and-take” approach to actively exchange research with other members, the group aims to achieve a low-carbon society and support the revitalization of Oita.


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