Sep 28, 2010

2nd Day of “Introductory Lectures for Entry into Solar Cell Industry”

The second day of lectures for the “Introductory Lectures for Entry into Solar Cell Industry,” which are being offered to local company engineers and managers, was held on Friday, September 24, 2010 at the Oita Industrial Research Institute.
(Click here for news about the first day.)

Hosted by the Promotion Conference of Oita of OITA LSI Cluster and APU’s Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC), these lectures aim to give an in-depth analysis of the current state of the solar cell industry in terms of technology, systems, and business. They also introduce case studies of businesses that have entered or are planning to enter the solar cell industry, and bring all of the information together through panel discussions.

The topics and lecturers from the second day were as follows:

Professor Nakata began the second day of lectures by explaining important management concepts and introducing solar cell businesses from various countries. He then talked about the necessity of having a strategic vision when trying to enter the solar cell industry. This was followed by lectures from representatives of 4 companies that have successfully entered the solar cell industry. They spoke about why their company entered this industry, what progress they have made since then, and problems they faced along the way.

Afterwards, Professor Nakata coordinated a panel discussion that was made up of the day’s lecturers. The focus of the discussion was on each company’s core technology and how they utilized it when entering the solar cell industry. Panel members also spoke about what their companies have gained by entering this business, any issues they are dealing with, and gave advice to participants in the audience whose companies are also considering entering the industry.

Professor Nakata wrapped the day up by encouraging participants to enter the solar cell industry. “I hope you will develop a strategic vision and actively work towards entering this industry.” The first two days of this lecture series have each attracted around 100 participants, making it a very lively and meaningful event.


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