Nov 2, 2010

Eastern Kyushu Medical Valley Promotion Conference

The following is an announcement from the Oita Commerce and Labor Department office regarding the upcoming "Eastern Kyushu Medical Valley Promotion Conference.

This conference is being held to effectively use the blood and vascular medical device industries that have accumulated in Oita and Miyazaki Prefecture. The goal is to promote more industry agglomeration and local revitalization through cooperation in this industry. This event will be held in conjunction with the 31st Japanese Society for Apheresis Conference – Beppu Satellite Symposium, which is sponsored by the Japanese Society for Apheresis.

From APU, Associate Professor Meirmanov Serik (APS) will be a panel member. Medical doctors from Korea, Taiwan and Thailand will also participate in the symposium and talk about the activities on the spot etc.

Anybody interested in entering the medical industry or any industry related to medical devices is highly encouraged to participate in this event.

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