Jun 27, 2011

Social Outreach Seminar: Ms. Michal Tal (First Secretary, Embassy of Israel in Japan) Coming Soon

Social Outreach Seminar invites Ms. Michal Tal (First Secretary, Embassy of Israel in Japan) on July 5(Tue.).

The coexistence of multiple cultures is a topic which cannot be avoided in today’s society where the movement of people has become a norm. In this seminar, a diplomat from Israel, one of the world’s leading countries of multiculturalism, will be invited to discuss actual examples and problems that the country faces concerning multiculturalism. This seminar will be held as part of the undergraduate course “Multiculturalism and Society JA”. However, as it is a significant opportunity, we would like to open the seminar to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in politics, international relations and cultural studies.

Interested applicants can register from here for the English session.

*If you register for the event, but do not show up or cancel without prior notification you may be denied the chance to participate in future events organized by APU.


Research Office Oshiro centers@apu.ac.jp


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