Sep 24, 2012

FY 2012 Oita City Human Resources Development Project "Management of Technology (MOT) Lecture" Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in cooperation with the Oita City Human Resources Training Project, will hold the "Management of Technology (MOT) Course." This course began in 2006 and is now in its 7th year. This year, in addition to the 12 lectures, there will also be an observation trip and special lectures from invited lecturers. Those who will attend need to register.

Enquiries and applications

TEL: (097)537-7014 (097)533-6117 E-mail:

*This lecture will be held in Japanese.

Aug 22, 2012

Thirty-nine high school students and one junior high school student from Oita Prefecture took part in the "Hirameki Tokimeki Science -Welcome to the University Lab" held at APU on Saturday, July 21, 2012. The students, who are interested in both arts and science, came from Oita Maizuru High School – a designated “Super Science High School” - and Iwata Secondary School’s APU Course. 

Jul 20, 2012

On July 18, 2012, Mr. Taro Nakamura(President, Social Welfare Organization, Taiyonoie, Japan Sun Industries(JSI)was invited to present a Social Outreach Seminar entitled “Insights into the Progress and Practices of Taiyonoie / Japan Sun Industries - For Realization of Social Inclusion - .”

Jul 10, 2012

On July 9, 2012, Mr. GOTODA Masazumi (House of Representatives member, Liberal Democratic Party) presented a Social Outreach Seminar entitled “Politician's Convincing Capability and People's Understanding Capability.”

Jul 7, 2012

On June 28, 2012, Dr. Jun DU (Vice-President, NEC China/President, NEC China Research Institute) was invited to present a Social Outreach Seminar entitled, "Working at Japanese Companies." Following an introduction by Professor Kenji Takano, APU President Professor Korenaga, who taught Dr. Du Japanese in Dalian, also introduced Dr. Du.

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