Grants-in-Aid Projects

Grants-in-Aid Research at APU

No. Type Principal Investigator Research Title
1 Scientific Research (C)General SASAGAWA Hideo A Study on the Establishment of National Buddhism in Modern and Contemporary Cambodia
2 Scientific Research (C) General SEIKE Kumi Research on The Influence of the Speculative/Realist Turn on Sociology: A Reassessment From the Viewpoint of Ontology and Epistemology
3 Scientific Research (C) General TAKEKAWA Shunichi A History of Conservative Journalism in postwar Japan: Differences and Transformations of Yomiuri and Sankei Newspapers
4 Scientific Research (C) General TAHARA Hiroki Revival of Vietnamese Bolero music
5 Scientific Research (C) General QIAN Xuepeng Analysis and international comparison of behavior change pertaining to waste disposal and separation
6 Scientific Research (C) General ALCANTARA Lailani L. Investigating the hybridity and scaling strategies of for-profit social enterprises
7 Scientific Research (C) General KIM Rebecca ChungHee Value-oriented Inclusive Leadership of Asia: Harnessing the Link between the Varieties of Capitalism and CSR
8 Scientific Research (C)General SAITO Hiroaki The role of staff breakrooms in employees' psychophysiological recovery, well-being, and performance
9 Scientific Research (C)General KANAI Shusuke Customer Value Creation Mechanism in Small Local Cinemas: A Comparative Study of Japan and the UK
10 Early-Career Scientists YAMAURA Koichi Analyzing the impact of restrained buying behavior caused by discrepancies existing in information sources and messengers on food systems
11 ​Early-Career Scientists FAN Pengda Investors' interest pertaining to gender diversification in firms selected for The Nadeshiko Brand and IPO firms
12 ​Early-Career Scientists SEVIGNY Paul Developing Bilingual Short Stories and Community Literacy Activists
13 ​Publication of Scientific Research Results KIKKAWA Takuro Politics, military affairs and social movements in Jordan: regime-security frameworks for the survival of the kingdom
No. Type Principal Investigator Research Title
1 Scientific Research (B) General IGUCHI Yufu ポスト植民地における女性の身体―東南アジアとアフリカの「女性器切除」―(The Female Body in post-colonial societies: Female Genital Mutilation in Southeast Asia and Africa)
2 Scientific Research (C) General TODOROKI Hiroshi 朝鮮時代の国土地理認識における「水経」の基礎的研究(Basic research of "Sugyeong" in the geographical recognition of the Joseon’s Korea.)
3 Scientific Research (C) General SATO Yoichiro 民主化促進政策と地政学(Democratization and Geopolitics)
4 Scientific Research (C) General SUZUKI Yasushi リバース・ムラバハを巡るイスラム金融ガバナンス制度比較とシャリア法遵守コスト分析(Comparative studies on the Islamic financial mode over Reverse-Murabaha: analyses of governance structure and the cost of Shariah-compliance )
5 Scientific Research (C) General SUZUKI Kanichiro ESG投資における社会的評価モデルの研究(A Study of the Social Evaluation Model in ESG Investment)
6 Scientific Research (C) General FUJIMOTO Takeshi ベンチャー・中小企業におけるグローバル・ニッチトップのイノベーションに関する研究("Global Niche Top" innovation strategies of Startup Ventures and SMEs)
7 Scientific Research (C) General KIMURA Rikio 途上国における宗教を基盤とする社会的企業:ハイブリッド組織の理論構築を目指して(Toward advancing theoretical perspectives of hybrid organizations: Insights from faith-based social enterprises in developing countries)
8 Early-Career Scientists LE Hoang Anh Thu Buddhist charitable practice, Old-age experience and personhood of Vietnamese elderly
9 Early-Career Scientists SHINOHARA Yoshiki ソーシャル・アントレプレナーの戦略に関する研究(Research in social entrepreneurs’ strategies)
10 Research Activity Start-up FAN Pengda 子会社上場に関する新しい視点からの実証研究:企業文化を中心に(New Perspectives on Equity Carve-outs: Organizational Characteristics and Culture)
11 ​Fostering Joint International Research (A)* KIKKAWA Takuro ヨルダン政治と部族社会:南部の政治・社会・経済に関する現地調査を中心に(Jordanian politics and tribal society: Fieldwork-based research on politics, society, and economies in the south)
12 ​Fostering Joint International Research (A)* YAMASHITA Hiromi 沿岸生態系インフラを活用した英国防潮堤建設減災事業におけるリスク受容と合意形成(Risk acceptance and public decision making on British coastal green infrastructure defense projects)

* Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research project posted in the year the disbursement application form was submitted.

No. Type Principal Investigator Research Title
1 Scientific Research (B) General YOSHIDA Kaori Uncovering the black-box of educational dark tourism: Comparative analysis of the mechanisms of packaging and perceiving of war narratives through war heritage sites between former enemies
2 Scientific Research (B) General LEE Timothy The opportunity development for the role of Japanese food overseas as an ambassador for tourism marketing
3 Scientific Research (C) General YOSHIMOTO Chieko 女真大字と契丹大字の比較研究に基づく文献解読の新展開(A New Development of Decipherment of Literatures Based on Comparative Study between Jurchen Large Script and Khitai Large Script)
4 Scientific Research (C) General TERAJIMA Hiromichi コーパスツールユーザーを育成するための教材開発とその検証(Development and Evaluation of Teaching Materials for Training Japanese Language Learners Using a Corpus Tool)
5 Scientific Research (C) General HONDA Akiko 日本語教育における災害時情報リテラシーの教育法の開発(Developing a Method of Teaching 'Information Literacy in Times of Disaster' in Japanese Language Teaching)
6 Scientific Research (C) General YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka 一帯一路構想に対する中国周辺国の戦略的対応に関する比較研究(A Comparative Study of Strategic Responses to the OBOR Initiative among China's Neighbougring Countries )
7 Scientific Research (C) General HIROTSU Koko 地域との協働で創るグローバル市民育成モデルの開発(Development of a Global Citizen's Cultivation Model through Collaboration with the Local Community)
8 Scientific Research (C) General JONES Thomas 説得的コミュニケーションによる外国人観光客の普及啓発―地獄谷野猿公苑の事例研究(Using persuasive communication to encourage responsible inbound tourists’ behaviour: The case study of Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, Nagano)
9 Scientific Research (C) General HASUDA Takashi 近世ベトナムにおける文書行政の南北比較のための基礎的研究(Foundational Investigation on the Comparative Studies of the Document-Based Administration between Tonkin and Cochinchina during Early Modern Vietnam)
10 Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research(A))* NATSUDA Kaoru 東南アジアと東欧自動車産業の比較研究:産業政策・生産ネットワーク・地域発展(A Comparative Study of the Development of the Automotive Industry in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe: Industrial Policy, Production Networks and Regional Development)

* Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research project posted in the year the disbursement application form was submitted.

No. Type Principal Investigator Research Title
1 Scientific Research (B) General YOTSUMOTO Yukio 日本の世界農業遺産(GIAHS)地域の観光を通じた農村振興に関する比較研究(A Comparative Study on Rural Development through Tourism in the Areas of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) in Japan)
2 Scientific Research (C) General KIKKAWA Takuro アラブ王制持続の総合的研究 ヨルダン・ハシミテ王国とその周辺空間を巡って(Stability and Sustainability of the Arab Monarchies: A Comprehensive Case Study on Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Its Surrounding Area)
3 Scientific Research (C) General KANAI Shusuke 地方独立系小規模映画館の顧客価値創造メカニズムに関する日・英比較研究(A Comparative Study of Customer Value Creation Mechanism in Small Local Independent Cinemas between Japan and the UK)
4 Scientific Research (C) General TAHARA Hiroki 旧ベトナム共和国のベトナム語・1975年を境とする連続と非連続(Vietnamese of Former Republic of Vietnam)
5 Scientific Research (C) General KIM Sangho Analysis on TFP Sources of Growth to Enhance Competitiveness
6 Scientific Research (C) General DRUMMOND Damon Sustainable CSR Enterprise and Rural Community Business Models
7 Scientific Research (C) General HIRAI Tatsuya 日本人グローバルリーダーの成長モデル構築と育成プログラム開発(The construction of a developmental process model and a training program for Japanese global leaders)
8 Scientific Research (C) General BUI Thanh Huong Post-disaster Destination Image: Marketing, Communication and Sustainable Recovery
9 Young Scientists (B) SAITO Hiroaki The Staff Oasis: The role of staff break rooms for hospitality employees' wellbeing and performance
10 Challenging Research (Exploratory) MANTELLO Peter Medusa's Gaze: The Politics and Aesthetics of Horror in the Age of Hyperviolence
11 Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research(A))* IGUCHI Yufu セクシュアリティと国民化--マレーシアにおける女性器切除からみる言説の政治--(国際共同研究強化)(Sexuality and Nationalization: Politics of Discourse Surrounding Female Genital Mutilation in Malaysia )

* Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research project posted in the year the disbursement application form was submitted.

No. Type Principal Investigator Research Title
1 Scientific Research (B) General FUJIMOTO Takeshi グローバル・ニッチトップ(GNT)企業の企業横断的育成モデルの構築に関する研究(Corporate Development Model for Fostering Global Niche Top Companies)
2 Scientific Research (C) General MAKITA Masahiro 観光地域づくり組織を支えるガバナンスとファイナンス:国際比較を通じて(A comparative study on financing and governance for destination management organization)
3 Scientific Research (C) General BARAI Munim Kumar Islamic Microfinance as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Bangladesh and Indonesia
4 Scientific Research (C) General KIM Rebecca ChungHee Creation of CSV Model for Asia: A Study of Japan, Korea and China
5 Scientific Research (C) General SUZUKI Kanichiro サービス業における新たな知識創造の研究(A Study of New Knowledge Creation in Service Industries)
6 Scientific Research (C) General NAKATA Yukihiko 製品アーキテクチャと産業構造の変化に関する定量的実証研究(Quantitative Empirical Research on Correlation between Product Architecture and Industrial Structure)
7 Scientific Research (C) General SEIKE Kumi 現代社会における〈農村コミュニティ〉の意義についての研究(Research on the significance of rural community in modern society)
8 Scientific Research (C) General KIMURA Rikio 途上国の社会的企業における宗教性と組織文化:質的調査に基づく国際比較研究(Spirituality and organizational culture in social enterprises in developing countries: International comparative studies through qualitative research)
9 Young Scientists (B) ALCANTARA L.L. Unfolding the contested process of innovation diffusion
10 Young Scientists (B) KOJIMA Shinji 労働者派遣法の比較制度分析:ドイツ、韓国、日本の事例から(Comparative Institutional Analysis of Temporary Employment Systems: Germany, Korea and Japan)
11 Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research) * TODOROKI Hiroshi 朝鮮における古代道路の歴史地理学的復原に関する基礎的研究(国際共同研究強化)(Fundamental Research on the Historical Geographic Restoration of Ancient Roads in the Korean Peninsula)

* Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research project posted in the year the disbursement application form was submitted.

No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) 干潟再生事業における住民認識に根ざした新・環境コミュニケーションモデルの構築 (Development of citizens' perception centred environmental communication model for tidal flat restoration projects)
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) The potential of war heritage sites as educational and touristic attractions in Japan: comparative studies with five relevant countries
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) Ethnicity, Social Spaces and Cross-cultural understanding in Contemporary Yangon, Myanmar
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) セクシュアリティと国民化--マレーシアにおける女性器切除からみる言説の政治-- (Sexuality and Nationalization: Politics of Discourse Surrounding Female Genital Mutilation in Malaysia)
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) インド太平洋における地域協力制度の形成・発展に関する研究 (Research on the creation and development of institutions for regional cooperation in the Indo-Pacific)
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) イスラム・バンクレント理論構築とムラバハ症候群の制度的解釈 (Conceptualization of Islamic Bank Rent Theory and Institutional Understanding of Murabaha Syndrome)
7 Scientific Research C (Basic) 東南アジアと東欧自動車産業発展の比較研究:産業政策・生産ネットワーク・地域発展 (A Comparative Study of the Development of the Automotive Industry in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe: Industrial Policy, Production Networks and Regional Development)
8 Scientific Research C (Basic) 日本の製造業におけるキーパーソン人材と組織の関係分析 (The Analysis of relationship between key-person and organization in product development as innovation activities by Japanese makers)
9 Challenging Exploratory Research 海賊とカウボーイ――無政府資本主義の意義と可能性 (Pirates and Cowboys: Anarcho-capitalism and Law and Order in Lawless Societies)
10 Scientific Research C (Basic) Value branding in higher education: A comparative study in Japan and Australia
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) 日本企業の製品開発と生産拠点のグローバル最適連携及びその管理会計支援の総合研究(Global Linkage Optimization of Corporate Product Development and Production Bases, and Supportive Function of Japanese Style Managerial Accounting)
2 Scientific Research B (Basic)

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Social and Managerial Perspectives in Comparisons between Six Countries in Three Regions

3 Scientific Research C (Basic) 頑強な無担保融資市場構築のためのリスク管理に関する研究(Research on Risk Management for Construction of Stable Unsecured Loan Market)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) 街区レベルGHGインベントリに基づく低炭素都市政策の数量的評価手法と中国への応用(District-level GHG-inventory-based low-carbon policy analysis methods and the application to China)
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) 観光まちづくりにおける阻害要因に関する実証的研究(An Empirical Study on Impedimental Factors in Community Development through Tourism)
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) 『遼史』地理志の研究─出土資料と実地調査に基づく─(A Reconstruction of the Liaoshi, based principally on Khitai epitaphs)
7 Scientific Research C (Basic) 「街を教室にする」プロジェクト―社会参加をめざす日本語教育における教員の役割(Community learning project: Learning beyond the classroom - The teacher’s role in promoting Japanese language learning through community engagement -)
8 Challenging Exploratory Research Lethal Appetites: Media, Connectivity and Consumption in the Age of Discreet War
9 Challenging Exploratory Research 留学生との接触状況と住民の意識の変容-多文化共生社会を歩む大分県別府市を例に-(Significance of the Relations between Interactions with International Students and Changes in the Perspectives of Local Residents - A Case of Beppu City Making Inroads into a Multicultural Society -)
10 Young Scientists (B) レキシカルプロファイリングツールを用いたライティング指導法の開発と検証(Development and Validation of a Teaching Method for Writing Using Lexical Profiling Tools )
11 Young Scientists (B) コモディティにおけるコンビニエンス・イールドと在庫に関する理論分析及び実証分析(Theoretical and empirical analysis on the relation between commodity price, convenience yield, and storage)
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) カンボジア仏教の歴史・人類学的研究:国民・民俗文化創生のダイナミズム
(Historical and anthropological studies on Cambodian Buddhism: Dynamism in the creation of national and ethnic cultures)
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) GNT企業の成長メカニズム分析にもとづくGNT企業育成の制度構築に関する研究
(Research on institution-building for GNT enterprise development based on analysis of GNT enterprise growth mechanisms)
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) モバイル端末向けのユーザーセントリックなクラウド型学習支援システムの構築
(Construction of a User-Centric Cloud-Based Learning Support System for Mobile Devices)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) 在外ベトナム人の言語動態観察によるベトナム語言語変容の記述と解明
(Variant of Vietnamese)
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) 朝鮮における古代道路の歴史地理学的復原に関する基礎的研究
(Fundamental research on the historical geographic restoration of ancient roads in Korea Peninsula)
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) 科学的知見と政策決定-マグロ国際資源管理枠組みの比較研究
(Scientific Knowledge and Policymaking--A Comparative Study of International Tuna Resource Management Frameworks)
7 Scientific Research C (Basic) 経済成長・人的資本・環境変化・資源利用の相互作用に関する研究
(Dynamic Interactions among Economic Growth, Human Capital Accumulation, Environmental Change, and Resource Utilization)
8 Scientific Research C (Basic) Estimating and Identifying Sources of Productivity Growth and Their Factor Determinants for the Japanese Economy
9 Scientific Research C (Basic) 貧困層のライフストーリーを通してのカンボジアの社会的企業の批判的研究
(A critical study of social enterprises in Cambodia through the life stories of the poor)
10 Scientific Research C (Basic) The Importance of Geoparks for Tourism in Japan
11 Young Scientists (B) マイクロ波合成開口レーダー偏波散乱解析による熱帯早世樹の森林バイオマス推定
(Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Analysis for Forest Biomass Estimates of Fast-growing Tree Plantation)
12 Young Scientists (B) 中国の経済外交とソフトパワー戦略-人民元のグローバル化-
(China’s economic diplomacy and soft power strategy: the globalisation of the renminbi)
13 Young Scientists (B) Theory and Analysis toward Strategic Innovation Diffusion
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research C (Basic) イスラム金融仲介様式・審査モニタリング構造の制度的分析
(Institutional analysis of the method of intermediation and the monitoring review structure in Islamic finance)
2 Scientific Research C (Basic) 「もう一つの精神史――ハーン受容にみる近・現代日本」
(Another Intellectual History-Modern Japan seen through the reception of Lafcadio Hearn)
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) 日本の零細企業への新たな融資制度構築~グラミン銀行モデルの応用
(Developing new financial institutions for microenterprises in Japan ~ application of the Grameen Bank Model)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) 戦後日本映画にみる銃後の女性像:メディアによる戦争責任過程1950年-2010年
(The image of women on the home front in post-war Japanese film: the placement of wartime responsibility by the media from 1950-2010)
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) 日本製造業の新製品開発における非公式キーパーソンの分析
(Analysis of the unofficial key figures in the development of new products in the Japanese manufacturing industry)
6 Exploratory Research マレーシアにおける女性の表象-女性器切除をめぐる言説の政治-
(The representation of women in Malaysia-political discourse over female genital mutilation-)
7 Exploratory Research 「帝国」としての徳川日本と東北アジア―支配領域と商品生産・流通・消費の空間構造―
(Tokugawa Japan and Northeastern Asia as an “Empire”-controlled territories and the spatial structure of commodity production, circulation and consumption- )
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research C (Basic) 東アジアにおける機能的協力の推進と地域ガバナンス形成に関する研究
(Local Governance Formation and Promotion of Functional Capacity in South Asia)
2 Scientific Research C (Basic) 無担保融資のリスク管理手法の日米比較
(Comparison of Japan-US Risk Management Methods for Uncollateralized Loans)
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) 国際紛争の和平交渉と仲介外交―タジキスタン事例研究から包括的理論構築へ
(Peace Talks for International Conflict and Interventionist Diplomacy: Constructing a Comprehensive Theory from Case Study Research on Tajikistan)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) 『遼史』の再構築─契丹文墓誌を主資料として─
(Reconstructing “Liao History” Using Khitan Large Script Epitaphs as the Main Source)
5 Young Scientists (B) Effect of Environment on L2 Motivation
6 Young Scientists (B) 「中国の脅威」と「台湾人」の誕生:冷戦後の台湾の安全保障政策に関する一考察
(The Birth of “Chinese Threat” and “Taiwanese People”: Consideration of Taiwan’s Post-Cold War Security Policy)
7 Young Scientists (B) ツバルとカーテレット諸島における環境悪化への対応に関する比較民族誌的研究
(Comparative Ethnographic Study on Responses to Environmental Degradation on Tuvalu and the Carteret Islands)
8 Young Scientists (B) 気候変動の論議におけるレトリックの規範とソフト・パワー
(Rhetorical Dominance and Soft Power in the Climate Change Debate)
9 Young Scientists (B) 多文化対話活動における日本人英語学習者の語用論的能力発達過程の解明とその応用
(Elucidation and Application of the Pragmatic Competence Development Process in Japanese Learners of English in Multicultural Dialogue Activities)
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) 知識創造を促す組織機能のダイナミズムの研究
(Research on Organizational Function Dynamics that Promote Knowledge-Creation)
2 Scientific Research B (Overseas) コミュニティ・カルテ・システムによる社会的排除の動学的研究
(Dynamic Study of Social Rejection Due to Community Medical Records System)
3 Scientific Research B (Overseas) 東南アジアにおける国境管理と人の「移動圏」─マレー半島縦貫陸路国境を事例として
(Border Management in Southeast Asia and Human “Migration Areas” - Case Study of Routes Through the Malay Peninsula)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) 〈地域〉をめぐる活動/運度に関する現代的意味についての研究
(Research on Modern Meanings of “Regional” Activities/Movements)
5 Research Activity Start-up A Multilevel Approach to the Dynamics of Industry Legitimation
6 Young Scientists (B) 東南アジア自動車部品生産ネットワークの展開:域内貿易と地場産業の国際競争力調査
(Development of Southeast Asian Automobile Parts Production Network: Survey of Competitiveness of Intra-Regional Trade and Local Industries)
7 Young Scientists (B) 多民族社会における母子の健康不良の分析
(Analysis of Mother and Child Illness in Multiethnic Societies)
9 Exploratory Research Disneylands of War: Militarizing Play
10 Exploratory Research An Institutional Economic Approach to understanding the Japanese traditional and religious rituals
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) Empires, Systems, and Maritime Networks: Reconsidering Supra-Regional History in Pre-19th Century Asia
2 Scientific Research B (Overseas) 東南アジアにおける「一村一品型起業人材」の動静に関する比較研究(Comparative Research on the Activities of “One Village One Product Entrepreneurs” in Southeast Asia)
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) 平和のためのCSR-アジア・日本からの発信:データベースとアジア版テキスト作成(CSR for Peace - Originating from Asia and Japan: Creation of Database and Asian Textbook)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) Interregional Economic Dynamics - Distribution of Income and Wealth, Agglomeration and Economic Scales
5 Young Scientists (B) The Survival Mechanism of Buffer State: Mutual Accommodation and Intervention between the Jordanian Government and Strong Social Forces
6 Young Scientists (B) Modern Malay Thoughts: Negotiation and Construction
7 Young Scientists (B) A study on Ede Language in Central Highland of Vietnam
8 Young Scientists (B) Restoration of Yoekchon (Postal Station village in Korea) Using Land Registration Map
9 Young Scientists (S) NGO Leadership Change and Development in Cambodia
10 Exploratory Research ユートピア文学の政治思想史――小説における社会主義と自由主義との相克(History of Political Thought in Utopian Literature - Conflict Between Socialism and Liberalism in Novels)
No. Type Research Title
2 Scientific Research C (Basic) The Edit of the Dictionary of the Khitai Language
3 Young Scientists (B) 「移行期の司法」における「正義」概念と平和:3つの事例研究から
Peace and the Concept of "Justice" in "Transitional Justice": Based on 3 Case Studies
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) Global Competition in LCD Industry by Metanational Management and Japanese Competitiveness
2 Scientific Research B (Overseas) Development of Islamic Finance and its Major Issues
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) 都市空間を再現したマルチエージェントシミュレーションによる感染症対策の効果判定
(Evaluation of Infectious Disease Control Methods through a Multiagent Simulation that Recreates Urban Space)
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) A Study on the Establishment of the National Language in Modern Cambodia
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) Research on Functional Cooperation for Governance Formation Focusing on Japan, China, and South Korea
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) タスク・シラバスによるコンテント・ベース教育の教育効果の検証と実践モデルの開発
(Verification of the Educational Effects of Content Based Instruction using a Task-Based Syllabus and Development of a Working Model)
7 Scientific Research C (Basic) 金融コングロマリットの経営効率性と、その経営上の問題点ー日米欧比較研究
(Management Efficiency of Financial Conglomerates and Attendant Management Problems: Comparative Study of Japan, the US, and Europe)
8 Scientific Research C (Basic) The integration of urban spatial information: approaches from GIS and SOM
9 Young Scientists (B) Methods for Analyzing Social and Sectoral Mobility Using "Job Map"
10 Young Scientists (B) An Analysis of Financial Reporting Standard Setting Process in FASB and IASB: Case of Financial Performance Reporting
11 Young Scientists (S) An Econometric Analysis of Child Malnutrition
12 Young Scientists (S) The Long-Term Trends in Foreign Trade and the Domestic Market Expansion in Pre-Industrial Japan, ca. 1650-1850
13 Young Scientists (S) ポストMFAにおけるベトナム輸出縫製部門の産業高度化と競争力強化への課題と可能性
(Post-MFA Issues and Potential for Strengthening Competitiveness and Industry Development of Vietnam’s Garment Export Sector)
14 Young Scientists (S) Promoting International Education through Problem-Based Learning in Japan University
15 Exploratory Research 「環境の民営化」:市場メカニズムによる自然環境の保全
(“Privatizing the Environment”: Conservation of the Environment using Market Mechanisms)
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) China's Immigration and Transnationalism
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) Creation of Protein by High Efficiency Genetic Programming in Test Tubes Using DWPCR
3 Scientific Research B (Overseas) Maintenance and the Possibility to Reuse Traditional Soil Dam Irrigation (Tamnop) in Southeast Asia
4 Scientific Research B (Overseas) Japan's Competitiveness for Foreign Research and Development
5 Scientific Research B (Overseas) Asian Professional Immigrants' Politics and Social Participation in Australia
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) Comparison of Japanese and Korean Culture: Japan's Hachimangu Shrine Head Temple and Usa Hachimangu Shrine's Yuriwaka Legend and Korea's Sonju Myth
7 Scientific Research C (Basic) Credit Risk Examination Upgrade of Regional Banks and Study of Its Influence on Local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises' Finance, and Analysis of "Shin Ginko" Tokyo Strategy
8 Scientific Research C (Basic) CSR Research in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Foreign-Affiliated Firms in the Philippines
9 Scientific Research C (Basic) Research on East Asia's Physical Distribution
10 Exploratory Research Search for Process with which Gender is Formed in Modern Japanese through Investigation of Initial Recording Materials and Voice Media
11 Grant-in-Aid for Special Purposes (Research Equivalent to Young Scientists B)) Restoration of Old Korean Road Using Cadaster Records: Focusing on Roads Used by Korean Messengers Sent by Rishi Chosen
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) Research on the Analysis of Competitive Strategy and Strengthening Competitiveness of the Liquid Crystal Industry in Japan and the Asia Pacific
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) Investigative Research on Actual Academia-Industry Development Mechanism for the Commodity Concept Plan and Commercialization of the University's Research Products
3 Scientific Research B (Overseas) Construction and Verification of the Japanese Education Support System by Synchronous Communication Technique
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) Development of Teaching Methods and Teaching Materials for Regional Languages in Japanese Language Education
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) Research on the History of Liao Xiang Jing and the Study of Qidan Xiao Zhi Muzhi in Liao Shang Jing and Zhong Jing
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) City Regeneration Through Media and Art
7 Scientific Research C (Basic) Research on Community Building for Sustainable Regional Environmental System Construction
8 Exploratory Research Detective Stories, Anthropology, and Science of Investigation
9 Exploratory Research Reconsideration of the International Comparative Advantage Concept
10 Young Scientists (B) Study of the Actual Language Condition of Vietnam for the Development of Vietnamese Language Teaching Methods and Materials
11 Young Scientists (B) Multimedia Language Database
12 Young Scientists (B) Social Anthropology Comparison for Resident Consciousness on Nuclear Power between Japan and France
13 Publication of Scientific Research Results Study on Financial System and Monitoring/Analyzing Long-term Financial Stagnation in Japan by Using a Systematic Approach -
14 JSPS Fellow (Domestic) Analysis of How Philippine Entertainers (Women) Residing in Japan have Difficulties Before, During, and After Immigration.
15 JSPS Fellow (Overseas) Medical and Environmental Modeling Using "Neucom" Neural Network
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) Nanjing Event Research: Nanjing Event as Experience, Myth, and History
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) Strategy, Function & Investment Location
3 Scientific Research B(Overseas) Can Tokyo Compete as Asia's Financial Hub?
4 Scientific Research B(Overseas) Living Strategies and Networks of Foreign Immigrants Who are Specialists and Technological in the Asian Pacific Region
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) Bank Management Organization Research/Analysis of the Failure of Japanese Bank Management after the Bubble Economy Era and Conditions for Management Reproduction
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) Comparison between Japanese and Korean Cultures Based on Human National Treasures-
7 Exploratory Research New Tourism Markets for Japan
8 Young Scientists (B) Multipolariztion Tendency of Achievement Index and Financial Achievement Report: Focusing on the Movement of the United States
AY2004 (Receiving Funds as Research Members)
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research (A) Analysis of Problems of Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students and Research on Academic Japanese
2 Scientific Research (B) The Construction of a Pedestrian Route Selection Behavior Model and Its Application to Pedestrian Space Planning
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) International Organic Farm-Product Trade in the Asia Pacific Region and Its Influence
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) Research on "Human Intellectual Resources" in the Asia Pacific Region
3 Exploratory Research Reconsideration of a Business Success Concept: New Classification Model Concerning the Concept of Corporate Success in East Asia and Western Europe
4 Exploratory Research Automatic Creation System of Large-scale, Traffic Network Data that Use Computer Graphics Technique
5 Young Scientists (B) Development of Voice Teaching Materials for Conversation Promotion that Uses WebCT
6 Young Scientists (B) Research of Vietnamese and Educational System and Law on Education that uses Computers and WWW
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) Integrated Research on "People Who Move" in the Asia Pacific Region
2 Scientific Research B (Basic) Does Japan Have the Competitive Edge? Analysis of a Measurement Model of the Competing Dominance of Japan as Seen From the Viewpoint of an Enterprise
3 Scientific Research C (Basic) International Political Economy and Human Rights in the Asia Pacific Region
4 Scientific Research C (Basic) Bank Management Organization Research: Analysis of the Failure of Japanese Bank Management After the Bubble Economy Era and Conditions for Management Reproduction
5 Scientific Research C (Basic) Construction of an International, Integrated Remote Educational System with the Pacific Islands Regional Universities by Uniting Synchronized and Asynchronous-Type Technology
6 Scientific Research C (Basic) Verification of Development and Effect of Remote Japanese Language Preliminary Educational System through the Internet
7 Young Scientists (B) Privatization of Libertarianism and Judiciary System
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Overseas) Transit Trade of Southeast Asia: Business Strategies of Japanese Distribution Companies in Singapore
2 Scientific Research C (Basic) Historical Linguistic Research on Kittan and Joshin Characters
3 Encouragement of Young Scientists (A) Comparative Research on Party Songs of Present-day Japan and South Korea
4 Encouragement of Young Scientists (A) Research on Physical Distribution System with Few Environmental Burdens in Information Society
5 Publication of Scientific Research Results Japanese Education Seen From Malaya Under Japanese Military Administration
No. Type Research Title
1 Scientific Research B (Basic) Research on the Internationalization of Higher Education and International Problems of the Asia Pacific Region
2 Publication of Scientific Research Results Comparison Study of Korean Myths and Fairy Tales

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