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  Title:Global Competitive Strategies for Cities and Regions
Editors:KUBO Takayuki
Publisher:JIJI PRESS
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Title:Otogizōshi / Honji-monogatari and Korean Folktales
Authors:Kim Chan Hoe
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Title:Business strategy of global niche top companies
Editors:FUJIMOTO Takeshi, MAKITA Masahiro
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  Title:A Sketch of the Birthplace of the Yaonian Clan of the Large Central Hulji Khitai
Authors:AISINGIORO Ulhicun ,Yoshimoto Michimasa
Publisher:Shokadoh Book Sellers
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  Title:The North Korea crisis and regional responses
Editors:Utpal Vyas, Ching-Chang Chen, Denny Roy
Publisher:East-West Center
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Title:Meaning of “ – teiru” and Aspect in the Russian Language *Unofficial translation
Authors:MATSUI Kazumi
Publisher:Koyo Shobo
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Title:Hierarchy and organization :
    Toward a general theory of hierarchical social systems
Authors:DIEFENBACH Thomas
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Title:Chosen ohcho no Kaido
Authors:TODOROKI Hiroshi
Publisher:Kokon Shoin
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  Title:The study of Cai-qiao Xiang dialect
Authors:WANG Zhenyu
Publisher:Kohbun Shuppan
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Title:Nihon no tachiichi wo kangaeru
Authors:Suzuki Yasushi
Publisher:Koyo Shobo
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  Title:The Essence of Oriental Medicine
Authors:Mariner Wang
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  Title:Inovation Mangement -Family Kigyo Hikaku Keiei Bunseki-
Authors:NANBA Masanori / FUKUTANI Masanobu
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Authors:Yukio Yotsumoto
Publisher:Univ Pr of Amer
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Title:Gendai Laos no Seiji to Keizai
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Title:Volcano and Geothermal Tourism-Sustainable Geo
      -Resources for Leisure and Recreation-
Authors:Patricia Erfurt-Cooper and Malcom Cooper
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