PhD Research Support Subsidy


This program serves to support doctoral students in actively pursuing their research interests. It is expected that doctoral students who make use of this subsidy will use their research findings to produce an academic paper that is not only worthy of a PhD degree but also academically relevant and recognized on an international level.


<Eligibility> Full-time APU doctoral students in his/her 1st to 6th semester
<Subsidy Amount> Actual amount up to ¥100,000 can be subsidized during the period of two semesters.
<Eligible Expenses>
  • Conference Presentation - Travel expenses (transportation and accommodation fees), Registration/participation fee
  • Field Research - Travel expenses (transportation and accommodation fees)
  • Academic Program/Seminar - Travel expenses (transportation and accommodation fees), Participation fee
  • Publishing Paper in Journal - Submission fee, Cost for English proofreading, Cost for publication support


Application Period : April, 1, 2019 (Mon) – February 7, 2020 (Fri)
Application Deadline By 4 weeks before the start of Field Research, Conference Presentation, etc.
Notice of screening result
(By email)
Around a week after application
Submission of documents which
certify completion of the trainings
for Research Compliance and
Research Ethics
By 2 weeks before the start of Field Research, Conference Presentation, etc.
Implementation of Field Research/
Conference Presentation etc.,
By March 31, 2020
Submission of report, receipts etc., Within 2 weeks after completing Field Research, Conference Presentation, etc.
Reimbursement of expense Upon receipt of all necessary documents,
the payment procedures are carried out for
Presentation at AP conference November in 2019/ November or December in 2020

*Fall enrollees are required to make application and conduct the research activity within the same semester.
* Please read “Application Guidelines for the PhD Research Support Subsidy” (PDF) for the details.

● Please download the documents from the list below

【Documents for Application】

【Document for report】

Research Office: Subsidy Team
TEL: 0977-78-1134
E-mail: r-app*
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