APU Academic Conference Presentation Subsidy

AY2019 APU Academic Conference Presentation Subsidy

*Please read AY2019 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Academic Conference Presentation Subsidy Application Guidelines for the details.


The purpose of the Academic Conference Presentation Subsidy is to promote the dissemination of research results by providing support for expenses such as transportation costs, when faculty members' presentations at conferences and academic papers will contribute to the advancement of research activities at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

Application Eligibility

Applicants Full-time faculty members at APU
(Professors, associate professors, assistant professors, tenured senior lecturers, lecturers, fixed-term faculty members, specially-appointed faculty members, continually-employed faculty members)
  1. Attending the academic conference as a presenter for oral presentations
    Academic Conference: Academic society conferences, conventions, congresses, general assemblies, local working groups, panels (Research meetings are not eligible)
    * Academic society conference, symposium, etc. directly or indirectly organized by APU faculty members may be deemed ineligible.
  2. Writing and submitting a full paper related to the academic conference presentation
    Full paper: an unpublished paper that is planned to be published in an academic journal, bulletin or conference proceedings. Peer review is not a requirement. Books and book chapters are also included. (An abstract is not eligible)
Conditions not eligible
  1. Past recipients who have not submitted two full papers since the beginning of this subsidy in 2013 cannot apply for a new subsidy until they submit at least one full paper.
  2. Ritsumeikan Trust trustees, the Vice-President and the Dean of the International Cooperation and Research Division, and the Director of RCAPS cannot apply for this subsidy.

Subsidy Outline

Expenses to be covered Transportation, accommodation, conference participation fees,
per diem
Maximum Amount ¥200,000
Number of times The subsidy will be provided once per academic year. One person is eligible per presentation.
Coverage The subsidy will support two-thirds of the total expenses of transportation, accommodation, and conference participation fees and full amount of per diem.
* In the case the applicant is 39 years of age or younger as of April 1st, 2019 and submits the designated application form, the subsidy will support four-fifths of the total expenses and full amount of per diem.
Subsidy Amount Accommodation fee and per diem are reimbursed;
  1. for a maximum of two nights and three days on domestic trips
  2. for a maximum of three nights and four days on overseas trips.
In both cases, this support will be for the days around the presentation date.

*When the official trip is shorter than the above standards, the subsidy will cover the costs for the actual conference attendance days. *Meetings and presentation preparation outside the conference schedule are not eligible for the subsidy.
* The transportation costs from APU to the conference venue do qualify for subsidy reimbursement.
Subsidy Period April 1, 2019 (Mon) - March 31, 2020 (Tue)
*If you will present at a conference held from late March to early April (across AY2019 and AY2020), please consult the Research Office before applying.


Please click here: Link to “How to Apply”


Application Period Deadline: Two weeks before the conference presentation date.
April 1, 2019 (Mon) – January 10, 2020 (Fri) 16:30
Deadline for conference taking place in April, 2019:April 12, 2019 (Fri)
Selection and Approval The International Cooperation and Research Division will conduct screening and comprehensively evaluate the advisability of providing a subsidy for the application. The Research Office may ask the applicant to submit additional materials as needed for screening.
Notification of Results The Research Office notifies applicants in writing when their results become available.
Subsidy Reimbursement The subsidy will be reimbursed after the conference has taken place.
  1. Recipients must submit the designated Official Trip Report form (Word) and related documentation within one week of returning from the conference (strictly enforced).
  2. The Research Office will reimburse the subsidy only after receiving all necessary documents.
Please click bellow for the list of the necessary documents to be submitted after returning from the conference.
Link to Document List to be submitted after official trip
Submission of Full Paper [Recipients must submit a full paper to the Research Office after the conference.]
  1. One full paper is required for each subsidy award.
  2. A full paper is defined here as an unpublished paper which is planned to be published in an academic journal, bulletin or conference proceedings. (An abstract is not eligible). Peer review is not a requirement. Books and book chapters are also included. (An abstract is not eligible)
  • - In case that paper has already submitted for publication:
    The recipient should submit the draft and proof that the editorial committee has received the submission, such as a letter or e-mail.
  • - In case that paper has already published:
    The recipient should submit material confirming publication, such as an excerpt (offprint) or journal copy. For books, the recipient should either bring the book to the Research Office or submit copies of the cover page, table of contents, publication data and relevant chapter(s).

*If a recipient fails to meet the above requirements, the International Cooperation and Research Division may stop their subsidy and demand the return of subsidy funds. In this case, the International Cooperation and Research Division may also suspend the recipient's eligibility for subsequent subsidy applications.

Research Office: MARUYAMA (Ms.)
TEL: 0977-78-1134 (Ext. 2502)
E-mail: r-app*apu.ac.jp
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