February, 2011

APU Open Lecture “What is Islamic Finance?”


Time/date: Saturday, February 19, 2011. 10:00-11:45 Registration opens at 9:45
Venue: Oita International House – Exchange Hall
874-0926 Oita-ken, Beppu-shi, Kyomachi 11-8
Speakers: MUTO Koji
Professor, APU College of International Management
Language: Japanese
Seating capacity: 50 people
Entry: Free
Application deadline: Wednesday, February 16, 2011.16:30
Application / Inquiries: Research Office Mr. Oshiro
Title “What is Islamic Finance?”
Abstract APU Open Lecture will be held to introduce the basics of “Islamic Finance” through a question and answer style format that will cover points such as:
“Why is Islamic Finance becoming more popular these days?”
“What is Japan’s relationship to Islamic Finance?”
The contents will be based on the results of the “Responding to the Needs of the World: Research Promotion Project” financed by MEXT and carried out by APU Professor MUTO Koji.
Prior registration is necessary to attend.

This event has concluded.


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