June, 2012

Social Outreach Seminar: Mr. Jun DU(NEC)


Time/date: Thursday, June 28, 2012. 14:15-15:50
Venue: H202
Speakers: Dr. Jun DU(Vice-President, NEC China/President, NEC China Research Institute)
Language: Japanese
Seating capacity: 100 people
Application / Inquiries: Mr. Oshiro in the
Research Office
Title Working at Japanese Companies
Abstract Economic interdependence between China and Japan has been accelerating. It is estimated that since the 1970\'s, more than 20,000 Japanese companies have operated in China, and more than 10 million employees have worked for those companies. Due to development of Chinese state-run and private companies and the expansion of business of western companies, the competition for talented personnel among companies operating in China is becoming more fierce than ever. From comparisons of company cultures and personnel needs of Japanese, western, and Chinese companies operating in China, his own experience working in a Japanese company in China, and also his viewpoint as a company manager, Dr. Jun DU, Vice-President, NEC China, will give us a talk about what he thinks is expected of new employees and young students.

This event has concluded.


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