November, 2012

Social Outreach Seminar: Mr. TSUJIMURA Kiyoyuki (President, DOCOMO Engineering Inc.)


Time/date: Friday, January 11, 2013. 14:15-15:50
Venue: RCAPS Conference room (B bldg. 2F)
Speakers: Mr. TSUJIMURA Kiyoyuki(President, DOCOMO Engineering Inc.)
Language: English
Seating capacity: 30 people
Application / Inquiries: Research Office Mr. Oshiro in the Research Office
Title The Impact of Mobile Power
Abstract In this era of national adoption of mobile technology, new communication tools such as smart phones and tablets are receiving wide global adoption and digital data exchange speeds are on the increase.
As the telecommunications industry poises itself for greater evolution and transformation of this nature, DOCOMO continues to put the satisfaction of users first and foremost, striving hard to build a network that connects the users anytime, anywhere and with anyone.
In this seminar, Mr. Tsujimura will talk about the importance of promoting the \\\\\\\"shift\\\\\\\" necessary to ensure DOCOMO’s style of management from the user\\\\\\\'s perspective as well as the business innovations in the \\\\\\\"Smartphone Era\\\\\\\" based on his experiences hereto.

This event has concluded.


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