Social Outreach Seminar: Prof. LEE, My Young (Professor, Dongseo University)


Time/date: Wednesday, December 12, 2012. 14:15-15:50
Venue: RCAPS Conference room (B bldg. 2F)
Speakers: Prof. LEE, My Young(Professor, Dongseo University)
Language: Japanese
Seating capacity: 30 people
Application / Inquiries: Mr. Oshiro in the Research Office
Topics ① Significance and necessity of global logistics companies
② Global logistics market prospects, current status and characteristics of leading global logistics companies such as DHL and FedEX
③ Positioning of South Korean logistics companies toward globalization, case studies, and their strategies
④ Barriers and challenges in entering the global logistics market

This event has concluded.

*If you register for the event, but do not show up or cancel without prior notification you may be denied the chance to participate in future events organized by APU.

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