Social Outreach Seminar: Research Design for Political Science in the Middle East Coming Soon


Time/date: Saturday, December 15, 2012. 13:20-16:35
Venue: RCAPS Conference room (B bldg. 2F)
Speakers: Prof. NAKAMURA Satoru(Associate Professor, Kobe University)
"New Omnibalancing Theory and Preemptive Diplomacy: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia’s Syria Policy"
Prof. MATSUO Masaki(Associate Professor, Utsunomiya University)
"Authoritarian Regimes in the Gulf Arab States - From the Viewpoints of Immigration, Labor Market and Industrial Structure"
Language: Japanese
Seating capacity: 30 people
Application / Inquiries:
Mr. Oshiro in the Research Office
Title Research Design for Political Science in the Middle East
Abstract \\\\\\\"The Arab Spring\\\\\\\" movement for democracy that occurred in 2011 has spread to the entire Arab world, and its momentum is showing no sign of decline. Effects on the order and structure of each country are significant. In some cases, they have taken the step to democratization. In some cases, bargaining between the authoritarian regime and the movement went well. In other cases, the movement led to a civil war and foreign military intervention. Now, the effects of the movement have extended to the international relations within the region. Syria has fallen into civil war, and at this moment, our focal point is the trends of its neighboring countries. This seminar will attempt a new understanding on the structure of the political dynamics in the Middle East that has emerged after the \\\\\\\"Arab Spring\\\\\\\", focusing on the foreign policies of the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia.

This event has concluded.

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