Social Outreach Seminar: Mr. GOTOUDA Masazumi (Liberal Democratic Party)


Time/date: Monday, July 9, 2012. 14:15-15:50
Venue: H202
Speakers: Mr. GOTODA Masazumi (House of Representatives member, Liberal Democratic Party)
Language: Japanese
Seating capacity: 250 people
Application / Inquiries: Mr. Oshiro in the Research Office
Title Politician\\\\\\\'s Convincing Capability and People\\\\\\\'s Understanding Capability
Abstract Japan is facing many big problems: a super-aging society, pension issues, unstable employment conditions and low wages among young people, widening gaps in society, food safety, and so on. However, the Diet is deadlocked and can not go anywhere. Every time an election is held, we, politicians, must conclude a new contract with the people - a contract made by our political ideas and policies beyond the framework of parties or factions. Politicians need to have the fortitude not to break the contract. Meanwhile, people need to have the fortitude to understand and cooperate on the policies proposed by the politicians they elected.

This event has concluded.


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