Mr. Radoslaw Tyszkiewicz(First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Poland)


Time/date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011. 14:00-15:30
Venue: RCAPS Conference Room B bldg.2F
Speakers: Mr. Radoslaw Tyszkiewicz (First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Poland)
Language: English
Seating capacity: 50 people
Application / Inquiries: Mr. Oshiro in the
Research Office
Title Poland, Polish-Japanese Relations and Polish Presidency in the EU
Abstract The seminar will look at Poland to discuss how East Europe, which was communist has changed since the 1990s, its current situation, and how it will develop its relations with the EU in the future.
East Europe is has been making an effort in their relations with Asia, especially for economic partnership. Poland and other parts of East Europe are also placing an importance on their relations with Japan in educational research.
This seminar is part of the Polish Embassy’s efforts for the development of a strategic relationship with APU.
Report: [Event report available here.]

This event has concluded.


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