Social Outreach Seminar: Ms. UENO Mayumi (International Organization for Migration)


Time/date: Wednesday, June 8, 2011. 10:35-15:50 10:35-12:10 English
14:15-15:50 Japanese
Venue: RCAPS Conference Room B bldg.2F
Speakers: Ms. UENO Mayumi (International Organization for Migration (IOM))
Language: 10:35-12:10 English
14:15-15:50 Japanese
Seating capacity: 30 people
Application / Inquiries: Mr. Oshiro Research Office
Title Human Trafficking in Somalia
Abstract The concern and awareness about human trafficking around the world has been increasing. The seminar will discuss the current situation of human trafficking in Somalia and explain the activities of the UN and other international organizations. Ms. Ueno has been involved in the problem of human trafficking, working for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Japan, and will be able to answer your questions regarding human trafficking and migration.
The seminar in the morning will be held in English, and in Japanese in the afternoon.
This is a good opportunity to hear from someone who has been working in the front lines of international cooperation. We strongly encourage anyone interested to attend.
Report: [Event report available here.]

This event has concluded.


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