Club and circle activity event information as well as competition schedules and activity results can be posted in EVENTS (notifications) and EVENT RESULTS. Please observe the following rules when posting.

Posting Conditions

  • Only organizations that have registered with the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Student Office may post EVENTS or EVENT RESULTS.
  • Ensure that all applications for the activity have been carried out with the Student Office before posting. If applications for the activity have not been completed, the submission contents will not be published.
  • Content should be in either English, Japanese or both languages. (If you want to submit in both languages, please write in one submission form.)

How to submit

  1. Click button on the bottom of this page to download the form(xlsx file).
  2. Send the form to
    *About submitting event result form, please send with image files if you have.

Submitting Content

Posts should clearly state the following information.

EVENTS (event notifications)
  1. Organization Name
  2. Event or tournament name
  3. Start date and time / End date and time
  4. Location
  5. Event information, promotional materia

  1. Organization Name
  2. Event or tournament name
  3. Start date/ End date
  4. Results of the event, or any outcomes


  • A maximum of three images may be posted on the information page only.
  • Images are limited to JPEG files.
  • Each of Image files must be no larger than 500KB.
  • Please be sure to get permission from the people who appear in the picture before submitting the image.


  • The Student Office will determine whether the material may be published.
  • Information that has been posted may be edited by the Student Office.
  • To prevent trouble, submissions will not be published immediately, and only after confirmation by the Student Office.
  • Do not attempt to post images that are harmful or inappropriate.

Prohibited Content

  • Any submitted content that is found to meet the following criteria will be deleted.
  • Material judged to be libelous or an infringement on someone's right to privacy.
  • Images posted without permission of the owner.
  • Content not worthy of publication.


Copyright of all submitted pictures (images) will be assigned to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Submitted pictures (images) can only be used for university publicity or the student website.


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University assumes no responsibility whatsoever for problems resulting from the use of submitted photos (images).

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