• National Japanese Debate Tournament "Ryoso Cup" 2014.02.24
    Date 開催日 February 24.2014 ~ February 24.2014
    Venue 場所 Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
    Organization Name 団体名 APU Debate Society
    Report 報告

    On 6th of December , 5 members of the 'APU Debating circle' , Mr Shohruh Uktamov, Mr.Abhinandan Mishra, Mr.Swathinath Vijayan , Chan Woo and Mr.Mubashwir Jawaad left for Osaka on a ferry . We reached Osaka on 7th of December early morning and had to run for Kobe to make it in time for the starting of the tournament. We reached Kobe university at around 9:45 AM, 7th of December, and the tournament formally began from 10:00 AM. The tournament that was being hosted by Kobe university was 'Ryouso Cup' tournament . It is a national level debating tournament which is attended by many prestigious Japanese universities like Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Waseda University, Nagoya University etc. As a new debating circle in APU we were representing our circle and university,APU, for the first time in this tournament . Initially we had to go through the preliminary rounds . In preliminary rounds , our members competed with various universities . As a first time debating university we managed to shock everyone by beating big teams from Washeda and Tokyo University . After certain rounds the teams who broke into the grand finals were announced . We did manage to break into the rookie grand finals . And we became second on the rookie grand finals. We managed to create a huge impact as APU was relatively an unknown university among the debating university members. We managed to network with other universities and were kindly invited for various other prestigious universities . We were also invited by some universities in Kyushu region so as to practice our debating skills. In future we are going to create our own tournament in Kyushyu island. At around 5:00 pm we had to leave Kobe university to make sure we catch our ferry back to Beppu. We came back to APU on 9th of December . The sun was shining bright and all the members of the team were smiling with pride of creating a huge impact not just for themselves but also for their beloved university APU. Months of practice that were done skipping personal time turned out to be fruitful after all. And hence an epic journey ended on a happy note.