• 企業バスツアー 2016.02.05
    Date 開催日 2016年01月20日(水) ~ 2016年01月20日(水)
    Venue 場所 Kubarahonke company headquarter and Trial company in Fukuoka
    Organization Name 団体名 JAC - Junior Assistant Adviser for Career
    Report 報告

    On the 20th of January, with the help from Career Office, JAC organized the first off-campus event "Company Bus Tour" to two companies in Fukuoka: Kubarahonke company headquarter and Trial company.

    With nearly 20 APU participants of different nationalities, the event was the chance for participants to have a more in-depth understanding of what a Japanese company be like and how do they operate. The participants agree that the event was well-organized and insightful, providing them knowledge and motivation for their career orientation and job hunting.

    Our first destination was Kubarahonke company - a general food manufacturer company with most prominent products being dashi soup stocks and an array of sauces.. Here, we listened to a presentation explaining about the company, which were carefully prepared in English, and learned about the company history, products, organization, etc. Under the company employees' guidance, we enjoyed a tour to different departments in the company, from the lab where they test products to the assembling line. Many of us were amazed by the company culture and employee management. Employees of Kubara Honke greet each other by saying “Thank you”, reflecting their “Omotenashi” spirit of gratitude.

    Our second destination was Trial – a large scale retailer company operating supermarkets and retail centers all over Japan. We got to learn about how the company could deliver most reasonable prices to customer through understanding its storage and distribution system. Also, we were shown the manufacturing procedure of its tea brand. Thanks to the tour, participants understand how Trial could strive to deliver quality and affordability simultaneously.

    In short, by providing first-hand insights into two Japanese companies, this Company Bus Tour event organized by JAC helped participants to understand about what working environment is waiting ahead and what is required to virtualize their future career path.