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Professor TAKEKAWA Shunichi, College of Asia Pacific Studies


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KORENAGA Shun, President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


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Associate Professor ASGARI, Behrooz

Position : Associate Professor, College of International Management
Degree : Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering and Management), Tokyo Institute of Technology
Nationality : Iran
Main teaching areas : Production management, innovations systems, supply chain management.
Research interests : Technology management, the economics of technological change, industrial and systems engineering
Recommended books : Three Women of Heart (by Veronica Doubleday)
Personnel Motto : Do the right things, in the right way
Hobbies and pastimes : Spending time with family, a one-year-old son, driving in the countryside and meeting the locals.


“As a child I was always interested in making things with my hands. One day I discovered machine tools and I can remember seeing how they could cut and shape metals just like it was cheese. I decided to study machine tools at a technical high school. The natural next step was to study engineering”. Native of Iran and graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, APM Associate Professor ASGARI currently teaches industrial engineering courses at APU.


“As an undergrad we studied a lot about Japanese quality and production management including the ‘Toyota Production System (TPS)’. At a time when many of my colleagues were heading to the West, I said to myself ‘let me do something different, let me go to the East’”.


Assoc. Prof. ASGARI’s research and teaching focuses on industrial engineering, a field of studies he described as a “relatively new field of engineering that looks at how to solve problems in large complex systems. Whereas traditional areas such as civil and mechanical engineering focus on the ‘hard’ aspects of systems, industrial engineering includes the human aspect and this is what makes the subject so interesting”.


“In this field, we define ‘efficiency’ as ‘doing things right’ and ‘effectiveness’ as ‘doing the right things’. I believe that if we all do our best to fulfill our duties and ‘do the right things right’ then we can all achieve happiness.


A proud father of a one-year-old boy, Assoc. Prof. ASGARI’s favorite pastime at the moment is to spend as much time as possible playing with his son, driving to the countryside, and meeting some of the locals.

Note :Position given is accurate at the time of publication.