Associate Professor KIM Rebecca ChungHee, College of International Management


Professor TAKEKAWA Shunichi, College of Asia Pacific Studies


Assistant Professor KOJIMA Shinji, College of Asia Pacific Studies


KORENAGA Shun, President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Center for Language Education Professor UMEDA Chisako



Position : Professor, College of International Management;
Dean, College of International Management / Graduate School of Management
Nationality : Japan
Academic Degree : PhD (Business Administration), Ritsumeikan University
Main teaching areas : International trade, international business
Research interests : the study of business custom and practice
Personal motto : “Inscrutable are the ways of heaven”
Recommended books : “Passion and Imagination” by OKA Kiyoshi
Favorite spots : YouMe Town Beppu, Ishigaki Seven-Eleven


Professor Yokoyama’s favorite phrase is “inscrutable are the ways of heaven”. This old Chinese proverb tells us that “no one can say what is a good tiding and is a bad tiding”. He continued, “In my opinion, we will never know for sure what is good until the very day we die which is why we should fulfill the tasks that are presented to us as though it were our calling in life”.


Professor Yokoyama’s position as Dean involves a wide range of duties including dealing with all kinds of problems that occur throughout the university, resolving friction between the university, faculty and students, faculty recruitment, and much more. With previous experience of teaching trainees through JICA programs and an interest in teaching students from around the world, Professor Yokoyama was attracted to APU by its philosophy that views learning as a process of mutual learning between students and teachers.


His hobby, cooking, came about from a love of his mother’s cooking. One of his pastimes is to invite his seminar students to a party where he serves croquettes (sometimes up to 200) which he, himself, prepares – from buying the ingredients to cooking and serving. In order to get the ingredients he is after, he described how he even goes as far as Fukuoka department stores just to browse. Indeed, as he said, “finding the right ingredients is part of the enjoyment of cooking”.


One of the books he suggests is “Passion and Imagination” by the Japanese author OKA Kiyoshi – a mathematician who gained world renown for his work in function-theory. His book teaches us that the power of imagination is created through continuing to think about what we don’t understand. The book tells us that continuing to think about the unknown and learning to enjoy the unknown, are some of the requirements for imagination to emerge. It’s a rather difficult book, but I hope that students will try to read it”.


His message to APU students was to “be kind to those you interact with and think of your teachers and fellow students as your family. Try to find an area of study that you are passionate about through your classes experiences and through ‘eureka moments’. When you graduate, please try to utilize these experiences and work for the benefit of others”.


Although it was short, our interview with Professor Yokoyama was very enjoyable and he offered us a candid look into his favorite shopping spots, hobbies and pastimes. We came away with an impression of him as a very kind and approachable man.

Note :Position given is accurate at the time of publication.
Student Press Assistant (SPA)
ARAKI Yukari (APS, Japan)