Associate Professor KIM Rebecca ChungHee, College of International Management


Professor TAKEKAWA Shunichi, College of Asia Pacific Studies


Assistant Professor KOJIMA Shinji, College of Asia Pacific Studies


KORENAGA Shun, President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Center for Language Education Professor UMEDA Chisako


Associate Professor LEE Geunhee, College of International Management

Position : Associate Professor, College of International Management
Degree : Ph.D. (Business Administration), Temple University
Master (Tourism), Rikkyo University
Nationality : Republic of Korea
Main teaching areas: Business Administration, Management
Hobby : Collecting (anything)
Research Fields : Consumer Behavior. Co-creation. Innovation. Viral Marketing. Negotiation. Leadership.
Recommended book: Getting more. Influence: The Psychology of Persuastion. Un-Leadership. Crowd Sourcing.

Associate Professor LEE originally from South Korea, had acquired a bachelor of business administration (tourism management) at Sejong University in 2002. After finishing his undergraduates, his aspiration and eagerness to knowledge from one side and his love to the Japanese culture from another, gave him the strong will to enroll in Rikkyo University, Japan for a Master Course in Humanities and Tourism, in which he completed it successfully.

Upon his visit for a conference here at APU in 2005, Associate Professor LEE could not hide his feelings of admiration towards APU’s environment, he simply put it this way: “I felt in love with it, and I wanted to be part of it!” Since his first visit to APU, his goal was becoming one of its faculty members, and he knew that receiving a Ph.D. degree outside of Japan would help him have a competitive advantage to become an APU faculty by understanding both Japanese and foreign academic research streams and cultures. That is why he signed up for a Ph.D. course in the United States in 2008 at Temple University, which was a great opportunity for him to try a relatively different atmosphere of education that would give him the opportunity to be one of APU’s faculty members. At Temple University, he strived to finish his degree in Business Administration as soon as possible in order to start his job at APU, and 3.5 years was a record length in which he completed his dissertation in 2012.

When asked about what the role of a faculty is, in the process of education, he replied firmly that his role consists of 3 key elements: Teaching, Servicing, and Researching. The Teaching element controls the professor’s relationship with his students, assisting them in terms of knowledge, support, and advising. The Servicing element through which he feels obliged to serve the societyand fulfill his duty towards his students. And finally, researching is an element that strengthens ones’ carriers in terms of how many publications you have, and which research you have done. According to him, a faculty must keep a balance among all three elements.

Note :Position given is accurate at the time of publication.
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