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Assistant Professor BUI Thanh Huong, College of Asia Pacific Studies

Position : Assistant Professor, College of Asia Pacific Studies
Degree : Ph.D., Griffith University (Tourism Management)
MA, Griffith University (Tourism Management)
MBA, Waseda University (International Management)
Nationality : Vietnam
Primary teaching field : Tourism and Hospitality
Hobbies : Traveling, listening to music
Recommended Books : Huntington, S. P. (1996).
The Clash of Civilisation and the Remaking of the New World Order. London: Penguin Book.

Hofstede, G. (1984).
Culture's Consequences: International Differences in Work-related Values (Vol. 5). London: Sage.

For this edition of Professor Close-Up, we are introducing Assistant Professor BUI Thanh Huong. She has spent 20 years of her career in the tourism industry and education. She is currently teaching major subjects in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster.

Assistant Professor BUI commenced her teaching career at APU in 2013, after receiving a PhD in tourism management at Griffith University, Australia and a Master’s degree in international management at Waseda University, Japan. The 2-year experience of studying in Japan was the most important factor that lead her to work in the country, regarding the culture, society, and economic concepts, but most importantly that the tourism industry in Japan is an interesting area that has yet fully explored in tourism research.

She adopts a ‘student-centered’ teaching approach that maximizes students’ opportunity to learn and contribute to the lecture. She also promotes critical thinking and innovation through group projects, debates, and proposals. Due to multidisciplinary nature of tourism field, classes are suitable for both APM and APS. Students may be interested in the course from a management and marketing perspective (APM) as well as a societal perspective of history, languages, and traditions (APS) contributing to the beauty of understanding the course variously by people from different fields. Her seminar opens to both APS and APM students, resulting from her own background as a social scientist, and understanding of managerial issues by training and experience in the tourism industry.

“One of the most regular comments I receive from students is that ‘I learnt a lot’. And I am actually very happy, because that is the ultimate goal that teachers in general need to reach.” She expects her students to develop an interest in research and discover the ‘magic’ of doing research, instead of labeling it as ‘dry’ and ‘tedious’. Reiterating Steve Job’s “Stay hungry, stay foolish” statement sparks the desire to search for more knowledge in the outside world.

Assistant professor BUI has traveled to many different places around the world, apart from receiving educations in Vietnam, Australia, and Japan, and has worked in developing Asian countries, Australia, and Europe. She loves classical music performances like ballet, opera, and traditional dances. “The world is a book. If you don’t travel, you only read one page of the book, and I want to read the whole book.”, she said.

Note :Position given is accurate at the time of publication.
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