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KORENAGA Shun, President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Center for Language Education Professor UMEDA Chisako


Center for Language Education Lecturer ISHIMURA Fumie  

Position : Lecturer, Center for Language Education
Degree : Master of Applied Linguistics, University of New South Wales
Nationality : Japan
Research Field : Japanese education, Pragmatics
Hobby : Travel, Salsa

‘80 nationalities in one place is what brought me to APU’, is perhaps the most stated reason by students who came to APU. But, in case of a professor it might be hard to imagine. Driven by the international environment of APU and her love for travel, Lecturer ISHIMURA Fumie took the chance to literally travel the world and meet people from around the world, but without actually painstakingly going around the world.

During her college years, ISHIMURA sensei studied abroad in Australia, which is where she discovered her love for travel, meeting new people and a need to connect with them. Not just that, ISHIMURA sensei’s interest lies in dance. At present, she is working to hone her salsa skills after a colleague invited her to one of the sessions. Apart from that, ISHIMURA sensei likes to make accessories. She says “I like the feeling when something I imagined is actually falling in place”; describing her love for making accessories.

Moving on, ISHIMURA sensei gains most satisfaction in seeing her students rise and shine when they can express their ideas, thoughts in Japanese. Basically, when she can communicate and help others communicate in a language they had no knowledge of; she gains a lot more motivation to continue forward. ISHIMURA sensei is known for her cheerful, kind and a lively personality. Her classes somewhere stem from her personality, which is why her classes are exceptionally interactive and engaging. In fact for a lot of students her style of giving mundane examples and the discussions on various experiences from her life gives a more real life touch to the bookish concepts.

In the present world, ISHIMURA sensei feels that there is a need to connect. The every changing world is connected more than ever and one needs to feel these connections to make world a better place. With the recent earthquakes in Nepal, ISHIMURA sensei was surprised to see the connections and the spirit of helping each other within the students of APU, as they organized a variety of fund-raising campaigns. She feels the same for many other nationalities. She feels that making connections and feeling that we are the same people is what will bring the world closer and solve most issues. And seeing APU students come together for great international causes makes her happy to be a part of this university. She smiles and says, “Let’s take care of each other.”

Indeed, learning Japanese from ISHIMURA sensei, is an experience in itself. We are sure that her valuable contributions in the lives of many APU students are well acknowledged and we wish her all the best for pursuing her love for travel, connecting with people and of course, salsa.

Note :Position given is accurate at the time of publication.
Student Press Assistant (SPA)
MARDAN Khan Chaudhary Ali (India)