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Dean, College of International Management, Graduate School of Management

Position : Dean, College of International Management,Graduate School of Management
Degree : Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering),Iowa State University
Nationality : Japan
Primary Teaching Field : Financial Engineering and Risk Management,
Operations Research
Recommended Books : Practical Methods of Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Professor OTAKE Toshitsugu became the Dean of the College of International Management (APM) and the Graduate School of Management in April this year. An expert in financial risk management, mathematics and statistics, Dean OTAKE’s scholarly articles have been published in eminent reviews throughout the US, Europe and Africa, and he has well deserved accolades to boast of his achievements towards the same. In his first ever interview with FAFA as the Dean, he speaks about himself, the two different colleges he supervises and what plans lie ahead for the future.

Dean OTAKE left Japan right after his bachelor degree and went to the US to pursue his higher education. Today with three different Master’s Degree in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics along with a PhD. degree in Industrial Engineering, he is a person who chooses practicality over theoretical endeavors.

Having had devoted a significant amount of time pursuing education, he aspired to work in the education field post completion of his Ph.D. Although he was offered designations by a few of American esteemed institutions, he realized that he could further work on building his knowledge of the real and practical world. With these thoughts in mind, he took up a job offer from GE Capital, a foreign-affiliated financial institution in the United States, as a consultant, and a huge part of his job description required him to be in the UK. Also, he became CEO of his company for financial risk management. Post his return to Japan he realized that he needed a change and wanted to share his knowledge and experiences with the younger generation and thus in 2009, he joined Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and started his endeavors of teaching such a diverse student body to make them adept of the required business skills.

On being asked about his philosophy of leadership, Dean OTAKE replied that he firmly believes that leadership is relative. It depends on one’s situation and how one ends up trumps in a particular circumstance. Thus, he listens to people; he realizes that if he keeps on speaking, he’ll continue knowing what he already does. On the other hand if he listens to his faculty and students, he can communicate with them after understanding their situation and handle a situation accordingly.

Dean OTAKE further explained about the APM and how he thinks it’s evolving. He mentioned how our university has already been titled a Super Global University in Japan and boasts of an extremely diverse faculty and student body. He also mentioned how the next step to achieve is to get an accreditation from AACSB, since that will regard us as one of the top business schools in the world.

Furthermore, the Deans often have the difficult task of maintaining a collaborative relationship between the faculty, staff and students. Dean OTAKE mentions how he feels that in our current system of governance, there’s not much communication between the students and the Dean. Thus, he believes it’s absolutely essential to hold sessions every semester where the freshmen, current students and the graduating students talk to the Dean about their expectations, current views and experience respectively. He has already initiated the process to hold such sessions and the very first of such sessions was held in July this year.

Progressing on to simpler questions about his life, Dean OTAKE mentioned how he has long working hours on a regular basis. Thus every time he’s free, he likes devoting that time to being healthy. He enjoys exercising, jogging and even lifting weights!
Furthermore, did you know that he also accolades himself with the title of an ‘Onsen Master’? He stays fit and tries to be happy, which is the secret behind him being stress free.

As the conversation came to an end, Dean OTAKE had only one advice for all our students – ‘Be a Japanese minded international person!’

Well aware, charismatic and friendly, Dean OTAKE left an everlasting impression on me. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors, and look forward to seeing him next on campus!

Note :Position given is accurate at the time of publication.
Student Press Assistant (SPA)
ARORA Akshat(India)