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Interview with Assistant Professor CORTEZ Michael Angelo A.


Assistant Professor CORTEZ Michael Angelo A. often referred to as "Sir Mike" by many of his students, is from the Philippines. He currently teaches several management subjects including Accounting I, International Accounting, Financial Accounting II, and Management Accounting.


Topics that are currently being discussed in his Seminar Class are accounting, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). During seminar classes, students are encouraged to do presentations about their topics, to have exchanges of opinions and thoughts, and eventually are guided to further research and thesis writing.


He was also the adviser of the APU team that took part in this year's international business case competition "Citi Case International Competition" held in Hong Kong in November. He looks forward to supporting the establishment of a new circle to provide training for students aiming to take part in international business case challenges in the years to come.
Outside his academic responsibilities, he has also been contributing to the community through active participation in local exchange activities in Beppu City such as his cooking classes. During these cooking classes, he introduces Filipino culture by teaching Beppu citizens how to cook "Adobo". This local exchange activity was featured in the Oita Godo Newspaper on November 16th, 2010.


"Sir Mike" is co-chair of the upcoming "2011 International Winter Conference on Environmental Innovations and Sustainability" to be held at APU on January 28 - 29, 2011. The two-day international conference aims to highlight current research on environmental management and sustainability from social and economic perspectives.
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"Sir Mike" aspires that his students are able to learn and grow to their full potential. He also likes to remember each student by name and interact directly with his students. He has a Facebook account that is open for his students to add him as a friend.


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