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Time/date Monday, December 1, 2014. - Friday, December 5, 2014.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day(12/1) Parade 12:10~(between 2nd and 3rd Period) @ fountain
The parade will give a small peek of what to expect in throughout the Nepali week. The parade will showcase a small amount of the Nepalese culture through our opening dance performances.
Second day(12/2) Lakhe Dance 10:25~14:00 @ Cafeteria
You will not know when the monster-god arrives at your table while you are eating but be sure to anticipate lots of fun. Do have your cameras ready for the official Mascot of Nepali Week!
Fourth day(12/4) Project Nepal Concert 19:00~20:00 @ Student Hall
This charity themed event will contain many of the loved circles performing exclusively for the students. The event also includes a charity booth of You Me Trust so you can help it build schools all over Nepal.
Fifth day(12/5) Grand Show 18:30 ~ 19:30 @ APU Millennium Hall (Doors open 18:00)
Get ready to experience a different world where you can feel the pain of a girl being thought of as mere objects with no value. Will she beat the treachery of the society? Or give up on the idea of a happy life? Find out all in the drama- “Burnt in flames”.

Nepali Food @ Cafeteria 12/1 - 12/5 10:35~14:00
Kukhura Jhol (Chicken Curry)
A Nepali style chicken curry made with chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and Nepali spices. A perfect curry-mix to be eaten with rice.
Aloo Tareko (Fried Potatoes)
Nepali style fried potatoes. It is made by adding Nepali spices to the potatoes.

Nepal is a small but exciting landlocked nation. It is covered with Snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and full of awe-inspiring scenery. One may describe Nepal in one’s own terms but all definitions sum up to one word “Beautiful”. For a relatively small country, Nepal has diverse landscapes with the Himalayas that act as the icing on the top. The capital city Kathmandu is an ancient cultural city full of Hindu and Buddhist monuments listed as the UNESCO world heritage sites. Even in this modern era, Nepal has succeeded in preserving and practicing its ancient culture and traditions that has been passed on through generations. This year through the Nepali Week Grand show and other events throughout the week we will try to depict some of these unique traditions that are new to everyone. So grab this opportunity to learn something new and unique and prepare yourselves to get enthralled by the awesome acts and performances that we have prepared for you all in the NEPALI WEEK Grand show 2014 - Burnt In Flames!