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Time/date Monday, June 15, 2015. - Friday, June 19, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day(6/15) "Opening Parade" 12:10~12:25 @Fountain
Enjoy the Chinese traditional Kong Fu and popular dance.
Second day(6/16) "Traditional Wedding Show" 12:10~12:25 @Fountain
Charming Chinese culture, real Chinese wedding ceremony.
"Chinese Songs Competition" 12:10~12:25 @Cafeteria
Let's show the charm of singing by Chinese song!
Third day(6/17) "Cooking Class" 14:15~17:40 @AP Kitchen
Let’s make Chinese food together!
Fourth day(6/18) "Band Show" 12:10~12:25/14:00~14:15 @Fountain
Listen the Chinese rock and roll together!
Fifth day(6/19) "Grand Show" 18:30~20:30 (doors open18:00) @Millennium Hall
In ancient China, there are many lengend of knight-errant. With a hero and Chinese traditional Kong-Fu, we will tell a store and show the Chinese chivalry.

Monday 6/15 – Friday 6/19
"Chinese Corner" 10:00~17:00 @Cafeteria display booth
Play Chinese traditional games and send postcards to your family. And it is also possible to wear Chinese clothes.

"Chinese food" Lunch time @Cafeteria
Sauteed Shredded Pork with Green Pepper and Minced Meat with Eggplant

How are you APUers!
2015 Chinese Week is coming!
Thank you for your cooperation over the past years and we still remember the great time we had in last year’s Chinese Week. This year will be also worth waiting.

Start with an opening ceremony in front of the fountain, we will have a lot of special events during the week. The band will perform popular Chinese rock songs. We will also show traditional marriage of ancient china and you can feel the old simple love from the ceremony.

We will have various activities in cafeteria. The singing competition, which is designed not only as a competition but also a celebration for all people who want to show their talents. The traditional handwriting, which shows the essence of Chinese literature and arts. We will also play traditional small games together and provide traditional costume at triangle area. Come to get an insight into Chinese traditional culture!

For people who are interested in Chinese food, you can buy the special Chinese dishes in cafeteria and participate in our cooking class.

The Friday evening will commence with our grand show in Millennium Hall. This time, our theme will be different and we are going to show you the spirit of martial arts in ancient china. We believe you will see a new understanding of Chinese culture from this year’s grand show.

Welcome to Chinese Week! Whether you are participants or audiences, you’ll have a great experience that will last for a life time!

Please check our schedule for specific activities.