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Time/date Monday, June 29, 2015. - Friday, July 3, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day(6/29) "Parade/Flashmob" 12:10~12:25 @Fountain area
Embedded with the tone of SILK under the theme of Cultural Diversity within Viet Nam,the parade this year brings a wide range of costume display that colors APU campus with a variety of distinct cultures coexisting in the land of Viet Nam. Diverse, yet consistent with the common tone of silk, as suggested from the Grandshow script. Friends from multiple countries can experience not just one piece of clothing or one choreography of the parade but an interesting mix of various regionally symbolic dances of Viet Nam.
Second day(6/30) "Traditional Vietnamese Market" 17:00~20:30 @Campus
An event that further implements the Cultural Diversity theme is the Multiregional Flea. We aim to turn APU campus into a miniature Vietnamese flea market , not just one ordinary flea market, but a multiregional one. The campus is divided into three big areas. Each area imitates the atmosphere, the food, the handcrafted merchandises, the games... that are symbolic of each three main region of Vietnam: the North, the Middle and the South. It aims to fill the summer Tuesday night with a joyful and diverse Vietnamese outdoor experience after tiring classes for APU students and staff, even locals from Beppu.
Third day(7/1) "Female Soccer Tournament" 10:00~17:45 @Gym Arena
A multinational soccer tournament that engages teams from various countries to come together and share the spirit of sportmanship. More than a competition, the Soccer Tournament is about finding a shared passion and making friends despite nationality. Having been around since the beginning days of Vietnamese Week, the Soccer Tournament is the most multicultural event, beside Grandshow.
Fourth day(7/2) "Bamboo Dragonfly Workshop" 10:35~16:00 @Booth
Bamboo dragonfly has become a unique Vietnamese souvenir. Here at the Workshop, international friends and Japanese locals enjoy the chance to create the souvenir themselves by decorating plain bamboo dragonflies. Through this event, we also hope to promote Vietnamese handicraft products to people from across the globe.
Fifth day(7/3) "Grandshow - "The Boy"" 18:30~20:30 (doors open 17:30) @Millennium Hall
For your family, would you go as far as disguising yourself against your gender? That is the story taking place in The Boy, where gender inequality still exists in the modern life of Viet Nam. A young girl has no choice but to hide her gender as to please her affectionate grandmother. Nevertheless, the truth must come out someday.That is the plot for the most expected event of the Week, in the form of a play involving dancing performances, fashion show... marking the end of another year of Vietnamese Week.

Monday, June 29 – Friday, July 3
"Vietnamese Corner" 10:35~17:40 @Cafeteria, Triangle Corner
A chance to taste Vietnamese coffee, tea and snacks for free, as well as try on and take photos with Vietnamese traditional clothes
"Ethnic Food" 10:35~14:00 @Cafeteria
This year we would like to introduce five renown Vietnamese food, from main course to dessert at the Ethnic Food corner in the cafeteria"

Xin chào! (Welcome!)

When we embarked on this journey eight months ago, we asked ourselves, “What should Vietnamese Week strive to achieve this year?” Our main goal, of course, has always been promoting Vietnamese culture, but the question is how. Somewhere along the line, the concept of “Caring Vietnam” came into our mind. Vietnamese Week 2015 would be a grand stage where not only the experience of the spectators but also the effort of all our members would be treasured. For us, the process is just as important as the result.

As we look back, we truly appreciate the journey that we have been through—enthusiasm, quarrels, tough decisions and sleepless nights. More importantly, we are grateful for all the people that we’ve met along the way; the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan, the Consulate General of Vietnam in Fukuoka, the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association of Japan (VYSA), our generous sponsors, and APU faculty members, office staff and alumni. Lastly, the entire staff of Vietnamese Week 2015, your dedication has been a source of encouragement for us.

Turning ideas into actions has been no easy feat. Only you can tell us if we’ve succeeded this event or not. We hope you’ll find Vietnamese Week 2015 a caring and enjoyable experience.

Cam on & hen gap lai!(Thanks and see you soon!)