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Time/date Monday, July 13, 2015. - Friday, July 17, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day(7/13) “Indonesian Parade” 12:1012:25 @ Hallway in front of D building to Fountain
Come and witness an Indonesian couple's moment of a lifetime - the traditional marriage proposal. A parade of mass dance, enlivened by traditional dances and percussion line, this festive event will mark the beginning of fun-filled days of Indonesian Week 2015.
Second day(7/14) “Malam Kenangan”17:5519:30 @ Cafeteria
Let us take you back to the good old days, to the time when true love was found. In this APU Cafeteria-based event, audiences can indulge themselves in the joy of Indonesian marriage through live music, traditional food tasting and a nostalgic mini drama. Additionally, a chance to win a pass to Indonesian Week 2015 Grand Show!
Third day(7/15) No Event Planned
Fourth day(7/16) “Honeymoon Escape in Indonesia” 12:2515:50 @ Student Hall
Love is in the air! Inspired by Doraemon's "Doko Demo Door", visitors are invited to have a sip of the romantic travel destinations of Indonesia at Ritsumeikan APU Student Hall.
Fifth day(7/17) “Grand Show” 18:3020:30 (doors open 17:00 )@ Millenium Hall
In this grand finale, audiences will be presented a showcase of Indonesian performing arts: ranging from traditional dances, martial arts, and musical performances - all wrapped up in a thrilling, stirring, and romantic drama.

P.S: For guests that are unable to enter the millennium hall due to its limited capacity, you do not have to worry any more... We will provide you a Theater of Indonesian Week 2015 at Pacific Cafe. A new way to enjoy Indonesian Week Grandshow, with different atmosphere that never been offered before. Guest are able to enjoy the Grandshow through live streaming straight from the Millennium Hall alongside with free foods and drinks provided for you only. Also, grab the chance to win an exclusive door prize that cannot be obtain elsewhere.

“Indonesian Corner”7/13~7/17 10:35~17:40 @ Cafeteria Display Booth
Have you ever wanted to feel the atmosphere of the aisle in Indonesia? Let's come to Indonesian Corner 2015, feel the warmth, experience the joy, and share the happiness.

“Indonesian Ethnic Food”7/13~7/17 10:35~14:00 @ Cafeteria Ethnic Food Corner
Here we aim to introduce the taste of Indonesian cuisine to the international community of APU. To achieve the objectives of these activities, we provide the common dishes which are served in the wedding; Nasigoreng (Indonesian fried rice), Selar soto (Beef steak soup) and Nasicampur (Set of rice and side dish).

This year, APUIna, the Indonesian Student Association at APU, will present the amazing journey of Indonesian culture to the international community during Indonesian Week 2015. In the spirit of unity in diversity and based on our motto of “Discover Indonesia, Share the Happiness”, we aim to share our culture with the international community, especially here at APU.
On Monday, July 13th, Indonesian Week 2015 will open with a parade around the APU fountain. On Tuesday, we will give spectators a glimpse into an Indonesian night market and show how we celebrate moments in Indonesia with a short play called “Malam kenangan”. There, both the audience and participants can nibble on traditional Indonesian snacks while they enjoy the music and mini-drama.
The next event, entitled “Honeymoon Escape in Indonesia”, will feature an exhibition of Indonesia’s exotic and amazing travel destinations, and guests can try their hand at various games.
On the last day, Friday, July 17th, we will close Indonesian Week 2015 with our Grand show—a fictional story of an old Indonesian kingdom jam-packed with traditional culture and music.
Last but not least, we will serve several authentic Indonesian dishes in the cafeteria, where there will also be an Indonesian Corner to provide our guests with a brief view of what life is like in Indonesia.
This is sure to be a week to remember, so come discover Indonesia and share the happiness with us!