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Hello fellow APU Students,

APU Empowerment week is the first of its kind focusing on empowerment through academic, social and leadership elements.
At APU we have many opportunities to learn skills that could truly make a difference.
However in parallel there are not many opportunities to apply these skills to make a difference in the real world.

We define empowerment as increasing students’ social, educational and inner strength.
The idea of empowerment is to give students resources and motivation that will hopefully enable them to fully access personal or group’s power, to influence, and to motivate other people, and society.

Empowerment is not about giving people power, but about letting this power out. We have come up with Empowerment Week to provide the vessels where students will interact themselves with leaders from abroad to raise awareness for a social cause, and garner opportunities to involve in empowerment activities, and interactive learning experiences.

Through this event we also make students aware of the various social contributions that they can make out in the world.
Not only are we aiming to benefit APU students but we also aim to benefit over 260 children in Indonesia for educational support, and along with connecting APU students to organizations like Ashoka Japan, Adra Japan, Artyz Inc., Girls be ambitious and Florida Gulf Coast University, HoshiZora, and Peace Revolution.

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Time/date Monday, October 19, 2015. - Sunday, October 25, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
10/19 "Peace and Motivation Speech and meditation session for self Empowerment" 17:55~20:30 @ Student Hall
Ms. Ping Ping Worakate the Managing Director of World Peace Initiative Foundation and Peace Revoluotion Thailand will hold meditation and speech session in APU to students regarding education for peace, self-empowerment, and spiritual strength for students development.
10/20 "Talapak" 17:55~19:30 @ Cafeteria
APU students to take part in empowering children education in Indonesia, to give moral support to those children, and to give them motivations and inspiration. Through many small activities, such as writing letters to the children, do hand prints, and apply for foster siblings program , this event will help Hoshizora foundation's children in education. Addisionally, this will create emotional bonding betweem APU participants and children in the program. There will be complimentary food, performances, internship booth of Hoshizora, hand-made accessories selling from Indonesia, and door prize of Free Internship Trip to Indonesia to join Hoshizora program all expenses of flight paid by empowemrnet week.
10/21 "Guest Speakers Speech Event" 13:00~15:00 @ TBA
This session includes speeches from global leaders, Ms Nana Watanabe from Ashoka Japan, and Mr. Sanjeev Sinha from PWC. These global leaders and experts will continue to motivate, inspires students, and also provide students with the opportunity to gain skills, ideas, knowledge, and mostly gain lesson from real-world experience.
10/24 "Alumni Speech Event" 11:00~14:45 @ Student Hall
  • Session 1: 11:00 ~ 11:45
  • Session 2: 12:00 ~ 12:45
  • Session 3: 13:00 ~ 13:45
  • Session 4: 14:00 ~ 14:45
Speech sessions by APU Alumni who have worked in various sectors such as NGOs will be held. This event will re-connect current students to APU Alumni and enables students to discuss and learn from Alumni who have experience in working environment.
10/25 "HoshiZora Booth" @ Tokiwa
HoshiZora booth in Tokiwa . this event will not only reached APU students but also Beppu citizen as well. Through opening up booth in Tokiwa, Beppu citizens will got a chance to write letters, give supports to Hoshizora Foundation's children, do hand prints, and have emotional bonding between Beppu citizens and the children itself.