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Time/date Monday, October 26, 2015. - Friday, October 30, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day(10/26) "Parade" 12:10~12:25 @ Fountain
Showcasing the traditional ceremony called perehara in Sri Lanka.
Perform traditional dances including western and eastern style with
the participation of all the Sri Lankan students and some international students.
Second day(10/27) "Musical Event" 19:30~20:30 @ Outside near Cafeteria
Bringing the unique style of Sri Lankan music to APU while performing both
Sinhala and some famous English songs.
Ochestra and Singers will be a mix of Sri Lankan and International Students.
Third day(10/28) "Sports Event (Cricket)" 11:00~16:00 @ Near Library
Cricket being most famous sport of the Island of Sri Lanka,
on this day we will play cricket along with all the other south Asians
and other international students while teaching others the game of cricket.
Fourth day(10/29) "Food Event" 18:30~20:30 @ Near Wave
Giving an opportunity for students to taste Sri Lankan delicious foods for free.
This year’s food event will be conducting at wave.
In order to attract many people we will be decorating it like we do in
the VESAK festival of Sri Lanka. Vesak Festival is to celebrate the born,
enlightenment and the Physical Death of LORD BUDDHA.
In this event we are going to give free food from 200 to 300 people.
The food is a snack made from grams and it will be a bit spicy.
Fifth day(10/30) "Grand Show" 18:30~20:30 (doors open17:30) @ Millennium Hall
Showcasing of the great culture of Sri Lanka with traditional dance performances along with a drama.
The chief guest will be the former president of APU, Prof. Monte Cassim.
This year’s grand show is about a love story based on the civil war of Sri Lanka.
It is about a couple from north and south of Sri Lanka who were lived as true lovers, but unfortunately they will face some big issues because of the war.

In between the story we have included the traditional dances of Sri Lanka
to show our cultural background to the students.
We need to give a message to everyone which can be helpful to reach the world peace.

Monday October 26 ~ Friday October 30
"Sri Lankan week 2015 Booth" 2nd period to 5th period  @cafeteria

In this year’s booth we are planning to make it more colorful than the last time.
It will be filled with Sri Lankan traditional costumes traditional instruments
in order to take pictures with those.
Also we are planning let everyone to enjoy a Sri Lankan Tea when they visiting our booth.
It will be covered with nice posters of Beautiful places of Sri Lanka.

「Sri Lankan foods」  @Cafeteria
Monday October 26 and Thursday October 29 10:20-16:50
"Rice and Curry" Sri Lankan yellow rice and spicy chicken curry

Tuesday October 27 and Friday October 30 10:20-16:50
"Kottu" One of the most famous food in Sri Lanka named kottu made up with chicken egg and vegetables.

Sri Lankan Week is an event that has been in the APU calendar since 2003. I am grateful to my seniors for starting this tradition and giving me the chance to participate and carry forward this practice by spreading the ethos of my beautiful motherland.

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic country where Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers live in harmony in this magnificent island and share various customs and traditions. Throughout the course of the week we have organized various events to give the students and staff of APU a firsthand experience of Sri Lankan culture. We started the week with a traditional parade that showcases one of the most glamorous parades that occur annually in Sri Lanka known as the Kandy Parade. The week continues with various events such as the food event, sports event and musical event and finally the grand show on the last day.

When looking back I am happy to see the steady progress made by the Sri Lankan Week. The numbers of countries joining us as well as the number of participants have far exceeded our expectations. I am grateful to all those students from other countries who took time to support us. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to all my fellow Sri Lankans who committed to this year’s Sri Lankan week. I believe that the dedication and the spirit of our community will lead to great improvements in future Sri Lankan weeks.