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Time/date Monday, 11/2, 2015.- Friday, 11/6, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
11/2 “Parade” 12:15 ~ 12:25 @Fountain
During Parade, variety of Korean performances, including Traditional dances and modern K-pop dances will be showcased.

“Market” 14:00 ~ @Fountain
Different kinds of Korean food will be sold at the market. It will be a great opportunity to experience some delicious Korean traditional food and Korean food culture.
11/6 “Grand Show” 18:30 ~ 19:45 (doors open18:00) @Millennium Hall
Minho lives without a dream. He believes he does not have the strength to change his boring days. One day, he met person who he used to love. Since then, he starts to discover happiness of life. Check this amazing story out at the 2015 Korean Week Grand Show!!

Monday 11/2 - Friday 11/6
“Korean Culture Exhibition" 10:35 ~ 17:40 @Cafeteria

You can experience traditional Korean culture at this booth, trying on Korean traditional attire and items such as Hanbok, fans and masks, and take pictures. Postcards of beautiful Korean scenaries are available for students and they can send one to there home.

Monday 11/2 - Friday 11/6 11:30~ *Available while supplies last.
“Korean foods" @Cafeteria

Dak galbi rice bowl
Bowl of white rice topped with a sweet-and-spicy combination of simmered chicken, potherbs and more

Manul (garlic) chicken rice bowl
Bowl of white rice topped with teriyaki chicken prepared with Korean-style garlic sauce

Gukpap (single soup-and-rice dish)
Bowl of white rice topped with galbi (marinated beef) soup, oxtail soup, yukgaejang (shredded beef and scallions) soup, or another soup variation

Korean Week will be held during the first week of November, and the APU campus will be decorated in Korean themes. Wherever you go, you will get a taste of Korean culture, as if you were really in Korea. We aim to provide a fun and memorable experience for APU students and Beppu citizens alike. Special events will be held on each day of the week. On Monday Nov.2, we will have a parade in Korean traditional dress in front of the fountain. On Tuesday evening of Nov.3, there will be a performance by a taekwondo team from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and you can also enjoy K-pop music. On Tuesday and Thursday, stop by the fountain area for some Korean food. Finally, on Friday Nov.6, be sure to come to Millennium Hall for a romantic comedy musical about time travelling between old and contemporary Korea. Don’t miss this chance to experience Korean culture during Korean Week 2015, a series of events organized by students from Korea, Japan, China and many other countries.