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Time/date Monday, 11/16, 2015.- Friday, 11/20, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
11/16 “Parade” 12:15~12:25 @Fountain
Parade showcasing many Bangladeshi traditional dance specially exotic tribal dances and also teamed up with mordern day fusion and an exhilarating flash mob.

“Street Food Mela” 12:25-13:00 @Cafeteria
The word "Mela" in Bengali means gathering; and we as a commmunity celebrate every chance we get to have a gathering. Come taste the ethinic foods that are famous throughout the streets of Bangladesh to refreshen your taste buds.
11/20 “Grand Show” 18:30~20:00 (doors open18:00) @Millennium Hall
This year we want the message of “Bangladeshi people can stand up for themselves and 'rise like tigers' " through determination and hard work” to be spread throughout the grand show. The story of our grand show has been inspired by the rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s life and it represents the cultural and literature boom that was happening at that time. So come join us, for the journey of a lifetime.

Monday 11/16 - Friday 11/20
“Mutton Curry" 3rd period @Cafeteria

We will be serving mutton curry during the week!

“A Curry-heavy Ethnic Menu using Asian Spices”
@ Cafeteria Ethnic Corner

16th Biryani & Salad
    Chapati & Spinach and Chicken Keema Curry
17th Chicken and Potato Curry & Rice
    Double Samosa & Lassi
18th Keema and Bean Curry & Rice
    Double Tandoori Chicken & Rice
19th Mutton Curry & Rice
    Double Chicken Tikka & Double Chapati

Bangladesh Week is back! As myself being mixed Bangladeshi and Japanese, I am much honored to be a part of this week at APU. Bangladesh Week 2015 will open its curtains with passionate performances, followed by the Street Food Mela where you will have the chance to taste different kinds of street foods from Bangladesh. Lastly, Bangladesh Week 2015 will close its curtains with the Grand Show, by delivering the message that “Bangladeshi people can stand up for themselves and “Rise like tigers” through determination and hard work”. You will be able to enjoy the week with all your five senses. You can watch and listen to fabulous performances, taste and smell the delicious food at the Street Food Mela, and even feel the strong message in the Grand Show! We are ready to take you on an amazing journey, so come and enjoy Bangladesh Week 2015 with everyone!