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Time/date Sunday, 11/29, 2015.- Friday, 12/4, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
11/29 “BEPPU-NEPAL EXCHANGE EVENT ” 18:00-21:00 @Beppu Community Center
With the aim of showcasing Nepalese cultures and traditions with not only the APU family but with Beppu residents too, we have organized an event with Beppu residents. Beppu-Nepal Cultural Exchange Event includes Nepalese cultural songs and dances, Nepali Curry tasting, photo exhibitions and interaction programs.
11/30 “Parade” 12:10~12:25 @Fountain
The parade will give a small peek of what to expect in throughout the Nepali week. The parade will showcase a small amount of the Nepalese culture through our opening dance performances with the students from various other countries.
12/1 “Lakhey” 12:10-12:35 @Cafeteria
You will not know when the monster-god arrives at your table but be sure to anticipate lots of fun. We will entertain you while you enjoy your food in the cafeteria. Do have your cameras ready for the official Mascot of Nepali Week!
12/2 “Cricket” 12:00-15:00 @Ground behind library
One of the famous sports in Nepal called Cricket is a very interesting and exciting sports. We would like to invite friends who would like to experience cricket and enjoy with us.
12/3 “TIHAR NIGHT” 18:00-19.15@ Cafeteria
A musical night that includes different performances by Nepalese as well as international students. We will replicate the festival of lights “Tihar” which is widely celebrated in Nepal and will let international students experience authentic Nepali festival.
12/4 “Grand Show” 18:30~(doors open18:00) @Millennium Hall
SHAKEN BUT NOT BROKEN: Nepali week 2015 promises to take you to a journey of love, hope and survival, amidst destruction and chaos. Prepare to enthrall yourself with a story of a couple who try to protect their love, and survive while pulling through the difficulties and hardships that come their way. Be there in the Millenium hall this winter, to witness the beauty of it all.

11/30, 12/1, 12/3, 12/4 10:35-17:00

Please make sure to visit our booth which will be in cafeteria throughout the week. We will be having free henna, hair braiding, photo exhibitions and message writings to the children of Nepal. Do visit the booth for FREE NEPALI SOUVENIRS.

11/30, 12/1, 12/3, 12/4 10:00~
Daily different nepali curry @Cafeteria

A Nepali style chicken curry made with chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and Nepali spices. A perfect curry-mix to be eaten with rice. This will be made by purunima, one of the best nepal curry shop in beppu.

MoMo,Tandori chicken. Samosa @Cafeteria

Different fomous food of nepal will be sold in cafeteria ethinic corner.

For the fourth year in a row, the Nepalese community welcomes all APU students, faculty and staff to experience a week of enthralling events. As the chilling winds of the winter descend upon up, the Nepalese students at APU are proud to present a captivating show of events incorporating the diversity of cultures from the icy and serene Himalayan highlands.

Nepal faced a major setback this year. A great earthquake wreaked havoc throughout the nation, leaving nothing but devastated remains and debris. Expressing our gratitude to the international community, we aim to make this year’s Nepal Week unlike any that have come before it by showcasing the astonishing resilience of the Nepalese people. We guarantee you will be spellbound.

Throughout the week, the delicious aroma of Nepalese curry will engulf the campus and be accompanied by the performance of several traditional shows. The Grand Show will offer tear-jerking portrayals of the horrors that the Nepalese people went through during the earthquake, but it will also highlight the rich and blended culture of Nepal, featuring eye-catching dances, traditional dresses and good music.

So, people of APU, are you ready to experience an icy breeze blowing straight from the Himalayas? Winter is coming, so let’s usher it in with Nepal Week.

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