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Time/date Monday, 12/14, 2015.- Friday, 12/18, 2015.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
12/14 "City view of Osaka by projection" 17:00~20:00 @Fountain
We will turn APU to look like Osaka by showing city view of Osaka such as Doutonbori with projectors. You can experience as if you are traveling in Osaka on the campus (fountain).
12/15 "GlicoCo. Special booth" 11:00~18:00 @Cafeteria
Glico sign board is famous in Osaka. We are actually collaborating with EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD. and open a booth in cafeteria. We will have Glico products that can't be found in APU coop shop. Please come by.

Have you ever heard of M-1competition? Well, it is a championship of comedy dialogue(MANZAI). This time, we will have a championship in APU presented by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., LTD. (Japanese biggest comedy entertainment company).
Performers will be APU students. It can be both in English and Japanese. It is going to be qualifing round and winners get tickets to perform at the final competitionthat willl be held inthe grand show on Friday. Winner prize is ¥50,000. Please come encourage you friends and laugh together!
12/18 “Grand Show” 18:30 - @Millennium Hall
Famous comedians from TV screen are coming to grandshow. Also There will be manzai contest's final round and Osaka week "Shinkigeki"(comedy show on stage). It will be both Japanese and English. Don't miss it, or you will regret.

12/14 - 12/18
"Glico Co. Comic foreground" @Cafeteria

We made a comic foreground of Glico man. It's popular to take picture with Glico man's signboard in Doutonbori(A famous tourist spot in Osaka) when you go to Osaka. Bring your camera and enjoy.

12/14 - 12/18 10:30-13:00 @Cafeteria
"Kush-Katsu and Niku-Sui"

You may imagine Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki as Osaka's traditional food. However, we chose Kushi-katsu and Niku-sui for this Osaka week because they are also important parts of Osaka cuisine. We would like people to try uncommon Osaka food. In Osaka, they are loved by a lot of people and known as Soul Food.
Kushi-Katsu is deep fried meat and onion on the stick, dipped in special sauce. Niku-Sui is the niku-udon without udon noodles. Osaka local comedians orderd Niku-Udon without noodles once at the restaurant and talked about it on TV. That is how it became famous. Enjoy the traditional food of Osaka in cafeteria.

Hello, this is Harada, the representative of Osaka Week.
Osaka Week is being held for the first time since APU was founded. There are two reasons why we organized Osaka Week.

The first reason is that many international students are interested in Osaka but don't know anything about the culture. So we organized Osaka Week, because we want international students to know more about Osaka. The second reason is that Osaka possesses many unique cultural aspects. Originally, the Multicultural Weeks were to be organized for each country, but we thought that Osaka has its own comparable culture.

During this year's week we will introduce the culture of Osaka divided into three parts. First, we have the food culture. In the cafeteria we will be serving Osaka foods such as "kushikatsu" (grilled meat and vegetables on a skewer), and on Tuesday we will open a booth in the cafeteria to demonstrate the appeal of Osaka foods in collaboration with EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD. which is famous for its sign in the Dotonbori area.
Second, we have the cultural dialect. We are planning to introduce the Osaka dialect, represented by the phrase "nande yanen", through movies and other media.
Finally, we have the comedy culture. To introduce this culture, we will hold a show of new comedy together with YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO.,LTD. featuring a manzai (traditional two-man comedy) grand prix and a variety show. And to make it easier to enjoy this new comedy, it will be performed in English. We sincerely hope that you will come and join us.

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