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Time/date Monday, 6/27, 2016.- Friday, 7/1, 2016.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
6/27 “Parade” 12:10 - 12:25 @Fountain *Postponed due to rain.
For our opening parade, we will perform an Okinawan pop music dance. We will also perfom "Kacha-shi-" which is a very easy traditional Okinawan dance. Please join us!
7/1 Grand Show 18:30 - (doors open 18:00)@Millennium Hall
Our Grandshow will feature traditional Okinawan dance as well as Eisa-, and Karate, which both originated in Okinawa. We will also have a Kachashi- Peformance. Feel free to join in, if you want.

6/27 - 7/1 14:15 - 17:40 @Cafeteria Triangle Area
Carving Shima zo-ri
There is very popular sandal called Shima zo-ri in Okinawa. In this event, you can carve your own original Shima zo-ri. Come jump on the Okinawa bandwagon!
Photo booth
In this booth, you can try on traditional Okinawan clothing. You can also take a photo with a part of the grandshow set.

6/27 - 7/1 Okinawa Food 10:35 - 20:00@Cafeteria Ethnic Food Corner
Okinawa soba
Okinawa soba is one of the most traditional dishes in Okinawa. It uses pork soup and a special noodle.
Ju-Shi- is special Okinawan rice. It is good to eat with Okinawa Soba.
Sata Andagi
Sa-ta-andagi- is a popular sweet in Okinawa.

はいさい! ぐすーよーちゅーがなびら! (Hello! How is everyone doing?)

The theme for the second annual Okinawa Week will "The Treasure of the Islanders". We hope that you will all use this chance to experience today's Okinawa firsthand.

Many Japanese people tend to forget the importance of the love for one's hometown; through this event we would like everyone to reaffirm this by giving you a chance to feel the love for one's hometown that is so important to Okinawans. When I first enrolled in APU, I was deeply touched by my AP House roommate's proud discussion of his home country. Longing to pursue a life overseas out in the world, I misunderstood the meaning of "global" and had lost the love for my hometown. Because we have placed ourselves in this international APU environment, we hope that everyone can feel that love for one's hometown, which must never be forgotten, through this event.

We invite everyone to enjoy the world of Okinawa in the full dialect at the Grand Show. The show will include a special performance by the group "Eisa" from the Okinawan Association of Nippon Bunri University. The show's climax will feature a performance of kachashi, a traditional form of Okinawan dance, that will have everyone up on their feet and dancing. We hope that you will dance kachashi with us! We plan on presenting a grand show that will exceed your expectations and hope that you look forward to a week full of Okinawan culture.