14th TENKU Festival


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10:35 Opening
10:42 Musical Drama Club KIZUNA
10:52 baton Twirling
11:01 APU Samulunori Team “Shinmyoung”
11:26 Amenouzume
11:49 Mardava
12:09 APU Eisa Team Ichariba
12:20 Tropic Salsa
12:37 APU brothers Third generation
12:45 K-MUSE
13:11 Miyagawa Hiroto Band
13:31 The puple monkey
13:57 C-dance / Mainohana
14:05 ART-eographers
14:16 APU Aikido club
14:28 Wadaiko〝Raku〟
15:01 Gospel☆Soul
15:16 APU Double Dutch Circle
15:25 P.O.V
15:43 APU Animation Circle
16:06 The R Ⅱ Band
10:30 Opening
10:40 APU wind orchestra
10:54 APU Yosshakoi
11:08 Karaage Jazz Quinn Ted
11:25 APU Mob
11:59 skipjacks
12:22 Kagei
12:30 Musical Drama Club KIZUNA
12:41 APU Double Dutch Circle
13:02 APU Eisa Team Ichariba
13:14 Soul Sound style
13:32 LIEN
13:54 Karaage-Mayo-Kimuchi-Don
14:11 Arauma Chiyo
14:25 Life Music


~Night Festival~
16:55 Opening
17:00 Musical Drama Club KIZUNA
17:11 APU Yosshakoi
17:23 APU Eisa Team Ichariba
17:36 Arauma Chiyo
18:01 The R Ⅱ Band
18:24 Soul Sound Style
18:43 Gospel☆Soul
18:58 Wadaiko〝Raku〟

Message from the Representative

The theme for this year's Tenku Festival is "Be Together as One, All Together for Kyushu." This theme revolves around the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred last semester, where we realized importance of human relationships, and wanted to spread that idea to everyone. Our hope is to have all the visitors and participants be united as one, enjoying the Tenku Festival together. Additionally, we will be calling for earthquake relief donations during all of the Tenku Festival events, in different ways. We would like to ask for your cooperation. We hope you have fun and create many memories at this year's Tenku Festival!

Emi Yamada
The 14th Tenku Festival