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Time/date Saturday, Dec 3, 2016. - Friday, Dec 9, 2016.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
12/3 Beppu-Nepal Exchange Event 17:00 - 18:30 at Beppu Community Center
With the aim of showcasing Nepalese cultures and traditions with not only the APU family but with the Beppu community too, we have organized an event with Beppu residents. The Beppu-Nepal Cultural Exchange Event includes Nepalese cultural songs and dances, Nepali Curry tasting, photo exhibitions and interaction programs.
12/5 Parade 12:10 - 12:25 at Fountain
The parade will give a small peek of what to expect throughout Nepal Week. The parade will showcase a small amount of the Nepalese culture through our opening dance performances with the students from various other countries and regions.
12/6 Lakhey Dance 12:10 - 12:35 at Cafeteria
You will not know when the monster-god arrives at your table but be sure to anticipate lots of fun. We will entertain you while you enjoy your food in the cafeteria. Do have your cameras ready for the official Mascot of Nepal Week!
12/7 Cricket 12:00 - 15:00 at Ground behind the library
Cricket, one of the famous sports in Nepal, is a very interesting and exciting sport. We would like to invite friends who would like to experience cricket to come and enjoy with us.
12/8 "The Role of NGOs in the Development of Nepal" 17:00 - 18:30 at H202
An APU graduate will join us as our guest to talk about his NGO. He will discuss his experience establishing an NGO, and what we should be prepared for before we get involved in NGO work. We will talk about NGOs and their roles in the development of Nepal.
12/9 Grand Show "NARI a girl" 18:30- (doors open 18:00) at Millennium Hall
Nepal Week 2016 takes you on a journey of love, struggle, and survival of a girl. It will take you through her journey of finding her dream lover; her ultimate happiness. However, as fairytales only exist in stories, be ready to encounter the tragedy and her unfortunate faith. The smile on her face is replaced by the tears in her eyes. Being a girl is not always a blessing in every society, and Nepal Week is here to show you the hidden realities and the taboos that prevent some girls from achieving happiness. We believe that it is time we share what we know, and take action.

12/5 - 12/8 10:35 - 17:00 at Cafeteria

Please make sure to visit our booth in the cafeteria throughout the week. We will be having free henna, hair braiding, photo exhibitions, and will be collecting messages for the children of Nepal. Come visit our booth for FREE Nepali souvenirs!

12/5 - 12/8 11:00 - 17:00 near fountain
Food stall near fountain

We will be selling Nepali curry near fountain. Please visit our stall during this cold week and warm yourself up with some Nepali curry!

The first Nepal Week was in 2012; this year will be our fifth Nepal week. We are thankful for the wonderful opportunity to showcase our culture and festivals to APU's multicultural community. I and the other leaders for 2016's Nepal Week are looking forward to continuing the tradition of showing the beauty of our culture and the realities of life in Nepal.
We are also inspired by how this week brings the Nepalese community of APU closer together. Everyone is busy with their own lives, but during this time we come together and work towards a common purpose, helping us understand each other better. Seeing the hard work and cooperation of everyone absolutely amazes and encourages me.
I hope you will join us this week as we celebrate our culture and strengthen the bonds of our community.

Sincerely yours,