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Time/date Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017. - Friday, Jan 13, 2017.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
1/10 Parade 12:10 - 12:25 at Fountain
The Parade marks the opening of Taiwan Culture Week. The parade will feature three dances with pop songs and the most famous Taiwanese drama song.
1/13 Grand Show "Speak of me as I am" 18:30- (doors open 18:00) at Millennium Hall
The Taiwan Culture Week Grandshow will feature our background of Hakka culture, combining with five kinds of traditional Taiwanese dance. We will also feature traditional Taiwanese costumes, so everyone can learn more about our culture.

Hello to everyone from Taiwan Culture Week! We want to express our appreciation for your support and look forward to your participation in our event.
Taiwan is an island and culture in East Asia, and during Taiwan Culture Week we will bring you several events January 10-13, including Taiwanese cuisine and clothing in the cafeteria. Our efforts and preparations are all for you and our sponsors; no matter your home country or culture, we hope you take this opportunity to learn more about our unique culture! We're waiting – come and join us!