APU Love Story - Questionnair

We did some research and found out what Valentine’s Day is like around the World.

People listed on the following graph provided their cooperation to APU students!


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Q1. What do you typically do in your country on Valentine’s Day?

※ A numerical value is a percent display.


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【 SPA Comments 】
The vast majority of “Females declare love to males” respondents were from Japan and Korea. We can say that around the world, Valentine’s Day is generally a day when both males and females present gifts to each other and to their loved ones and friends.



Q2. What kind of gift have you given or received on Valentine’s Day?

※ A numerical value is a percent display.


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【 SPA Comments 】
It appears that chocolates and sweets are popular. In a number of countries it is also popular to give flowers.
Another interesting response was to receive a full compilation set of the “Kochikame” manga series.



Q3. What is the best Valentine’s Day gift that you have ever received?


  Female Male
1 Chocolates and sweets 36 Chocolates and sweets 32
2 Flowers 11 Nothing 12
3 Handmade chocolates and sweets 8 Handmade chocolates and sweets 9
4 Accessory 7 Letter and card 7
5 Nothing 7 Accessory 5
6 Letter 2 Flowers 3
7 Meal 2 Love 2
  【 Other 】
tropical fish、twin shirts、animal、
soft toys、heart-shaped pillow、
holiday、apples、kindness、handmade gifts、
10 【 Other 】
A beautiful night、a picture drawn by
my wife、kiss、iPod、beautiful dialy、
sushi、clothes picked by my girlfriend、
wallet、scarf、everything、box of
chocolates、a movie together、monument、
dinner、cant’t remember


【 SPA Comments 】
Regardless of gender, many respondents had experienced receiving chocolates and/or sweets. In Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and other Asian nations, chocolates appear to be the most popular. Interestingly, of the nine respondents who said that they had received handmade chocolates, seven of them were Japanese.



Q4. What would you like to receive on the Valentine’s Day of this year?


  Female Male
1 Chocolates and sweets 32 Chocolates and sweets 41
2 Flowers 8 A girlfriend 10
3 Anything is OK 7 Nothing 7
4 Accessory 4 Anything is OK 6
5 Handmade gift 3 Love 3
6 Money 2 A meal 3
7 Soft toys 2 Money 3
8 Love 1 【 Other 】
iPad、a surprise、kindness、sweater、
  【 Other 】
Photo scrapbook、something handmade
from my boyfriend、car、time、a date、
job offer、holiday、love song、


【 SPA Comments 】
We found out that, surprisingly, females prefer to receive chocolate. Results also show that there are many males who want a girlfriend (or wife) for Valentine’s Day, and that females wanted more presents and things than their male counterparts on Valentine’s Day.
Some interesting responses included such requests and “class credits” and “status”.



Q5. Would you prefer a handmade gift for Valentine’s Day?


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【 SPA Comments 】
As we would expect, the number of people who responded that they prefer handmade gifts far outnumbered those who didn’t. There were a few “Don’t care” responses, but does this mean that if it’s a present from someone they care about, they don’t mind if it’s handmade or not?



Q6. Is there the custom to celebrate ”White Day” in your country?


< Male > < Female >


【 SPA Comments 】
Outside of Japan and Korea, most people responded “No” or “Don’t know”.
We can say that “White Day”, as an opportunity for men to return the favour, doesn’t exist in countries where it is general for both males and females to give presents.