10th Ann. TENKU Festival - List of participating RU circles/groups -

311+Rnet×Student Co EV-Racing College of Information Science & Engineering RiG++ College of Information Science & Engineering Ri-one
Venue: Cafeteria Venue: D-building, room 103 Venue: D-building, room 104 Venue: D-building, room 104
Song-genious Life Science Research Society Philharmonic Orchestra Electone Circle "Sandankenban"
Venue: Main stage: 27th, 11:15~/28th, 14:55~ Venue: D-building, room 107 and 108 Venue: Main stage: 27th, 11:45~ Venue: Pacific Cafe
Calligraphy Club Aircraft Project Team Hogakubu(Japanese music club) Free Music Circle Peace
Venue: Main stage: 27th, 10:05~/D-building, room 105 and 106 Venue: D-building, room 102 Venue: Student UnionⅠ 2nd floor, Conference room Venue: Main stage: 27th, 14:50~