Cooking Contest @ Kannawa Jigoku-Mushi Kobo

8:45, Sunday, April 12.
The early summer sun beats down on the Kannawa Jigoku-Mushi Kobo (Hell Steaming Kitchen), the assembly point and venue for the day’s activities.

The familiar hot spring steam rises up all around. Dotted amongst this atmosphere are cooking experience facilities that utilize the hot spring steam. One such facility is the Jigoku-Mushi Kobo. Hot-spring mushi cooking works by placing ingredients in a kama (iron steaming pot) and letting the natural hot-spring steam do its work. In a short while the ingredients are cooked retaining their flavor and nutrients at a temperature of 90-100 degrees Celsius.In keeping with the Hell Steaming Kitchen title, if you open the lid of the kama even for a moment you soon find yourself surrounded in steam and smoke.
Thus began the APU International Steam Cooking Contest.


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