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Time/date Monday, July 14, 2014. - Friday, July 18, 2014.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day (July 14) Parade @ Fountain 12:10 - 12:25
We will begin with a Korean traditional wedding ceremony and feature Korean traditional costumes, retro Korean culture, and several K-pop performances. This parade will show the flow of trends and life style in Korea.
Second day (July 15) Korean Market @ Fountain 12:10~15:50
We will sell traditional Korean food, drinks, and snacks next to a flea market in front of the fountain. APU students and Beppu citizens can easily enjoy great Korean food and culture. We will also provide an information booth on areas that are famous and popular for tours, for those who are interested in planning a visit to Korea.

K-pop Dance Performance @ Wave Stage 19: 30ー 21 : 30
Performce of famous and trendy K-pop dances with over ten teams made up of APU students. This Wave performance will be held at the Wave outdoor stage. 2014 Korean Week Wave Performances will showcase the emotion of “Passion”.
Third day (July 16) VIP Day @ Cafeteria and Millennium Hall 13:30~18:00
In preparation for a visit by the VIP sponsors of 2014 Korean Week, we will prepare an exchange meeting with our sponsors and Korean Week leaders. We will introduce the 2014 Korean Week with historical and cultural exhibitions and we will hold a special holiday event during the Korean Week period with hope that our sponsors can thoroughly value and comfortably enjoy our grand show.
Fourth day (July 17) Guest Lecture @ F203 10:35 - 12:10
The Consulate General of South Korea will conduct a lecture on his life story, to introduce APU students to the field of international relations.

Screening film and night market@ In front of cafeteria and fountain 19:30-21:00
We will play a Korean film that shows the Korean War or a documentary film for Zainichi. These films will take 145 min. or 86 min. and will be shown by projector in front of the cafeteria wall. There will also be a night market offering food, snacks, and drinks next to the movie so people can enjoy the Korean summer lifestyle and atmosphere at the same time.
Fifth day (July 18) Grand Show @ Millennium Hall 18:30-20:00
The 2014 Korean Week Grand Show will be based on a Korean traditional story with many features such as dance, drum performance, martial arts, and songs. Every performance and story will focus on Korean traditions and will offer an even greater variety in traditional culture than ever before.

Hello everyone!
I want to thank all of our participants and special guests today. Every year we have such enthusiastic participation and keen interest in Korean Week. I believe that this year’s Korean Week will become the most brilliant page in the history of our participation. Our goal for this year’s event is not just to bring you great performances, but to show you Korea’s distinctive culture, shaped by its unique history, and to emphasize the importance of empathy and solidarity as we come together as one, regardless of national borders.
This year we will not only feature the climax of Korean Week with K-pop performances and the Millennium Grand Show, but we have also worked hard to plan several displays, performances, and even a traditional market that will give you a taste of Korea’s vast history and culture. We hope that everyone will take part in this year’s fantastic events.
We hope that this becomes the most memorable Week for all of you as APU students, and we will do our best to support all of you this week!