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Time/date Monday, July 21, 2014. - Tuesday, July 22, 2014.
Venue Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
First day (July 21) “Philippine Week Parade” 12:10 – 12:25 @ Around the Fountain
This small event will focus on a short parade where the cast of the Grand Show will go around campus and end in the middle, near the fountain. The purpose of this event is to promote Grand Show.

“Harana Night” 19:00~20:00 @ Pacific Café
In order to instill the romantic heart of the Filipino, we will hold Harana Night. Harana is a Filipino cultural term for male suitors trying to sway the hearts of their female interest through singing a song to them. This will be a night full of performances from bands and individuals.
Second day (July 22) “Grand Show” 18:30 – 20:00 @ Millennium Hall
As the usual highlight of any multicultural week, this event will showcase Filipino dances, culture and many more through theatricsunder the theme of Horror, but with a little bit of Romance and Comedy.

The Other Side of Philippine Culture

Multicultural Week has always been a way for APU students, coming from different countries, to showcase their own unique culture. However, I have always wondered why most weeks focus only on what is commonly perceived of culture, which is about history and some romance. So, the Philippine Week Core members and I have come up with an idea that with a change of theme it might be more interesting. In order to have a wider idea of Philippine culture, we thought of introducing the other side of the Philippines. “The Other Side of Philippines” pertains to the mythical creatures, ghost stories, monsters and many more. Though it may sound scary, Horror is not our only theme for this year’s Philippine week; we have also added Romance and Comedy. By combining these three themes it is known as HorRomCom in our Grand Show.
With that, I hope that everyone from both APU and the Beppu area, will find this week fun and interesting while participating in some of our events, and lastly through watching our Grand Show.